Dwight Lyman "DL" Moody (1837-1899):

A native of Massachusetts, he was in a job as a shoe salesman when an unknown person explained the Gospel of Jesus to him. Think of that!...one of the world's greatest Christian evangelists and no one knows who brought the Gospel to DL.

He accepted Jesus as his savior and went on into a single-minded campaign to bring that salvation information to others. DL started off in such a low-class, low-profile way that no one ever knew who brought the message to this amazingly impacting individual.

Based in Chicago, he would found Moody Church which continues to exert an important influence toward salvation and Christian living to this day. After his annointing with spiritual power, he was the first practioner of mass evangelism. The spark made through this man would eventuate in the message of the Gospel going to millions worldwide.

"Like most Christian workers, Moody’s ministry impacted the church in many unseen ways. Moody deeply influenced F.B. Meyer. Meyer, with his new evangelistic fervor, influenced J. Wilbur Chapman. Chapman helped the ministry of Billy Sunday, who had a profound impact on Mordacai Ham. Ham, holding a revival in North Carolina, led Billy Graham to Christ. God moves in mysterious ways, and the ministry of D.L. Moody constantly keeps this truth before us."2

[I heard these connections in a sermon on the radio (Dec. 1, 2014?) out of Trenholm Road Methodist Church, Pastor Michael Smith.]


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  2. W. P. Parley story of Moody's annointing with evangelistic power, a source of which I have been unable to find...perhaps I misunderstood the name.

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[posted 6 December 2014]