The Beatles song, "All You Need Is Love"

On July 13 2014, my wife and I went to church in Arden, N. C., with her sister and brother-in-law. Pastor Mark Fitzsimmons (Lutheran Church of the Nativity), gave an enlightening sermon which made a point of the fact that The Beatles composed a song which was selected to be sung on the Our World live broadcast which went to 150 million people in 26 countries. The sermon was based on I John 4:1-21 and John 21:15-17. A non-lyrical tune appeared within the background music at one point. So, were some of The Beatles influenced by the example of Jesus? Were some even followers (Christians)?

A write up adds some more song history in Wikipedia under the search term, "All You Need is Love".

Two days later, responding to my question, Pastor Mark noted: "Thanks for the article [link to Wikipedia]-- it named several underlying tunes in addition to the three songs of which I was aware. The sub-tune I mentioned was "What Child Is This?", which the article refers to by its tune name, "Greensleeves". Since only the tune is provided, is it to be recognized by recalling the lyrics of an old folk song or a Christian hymn? I say the latter, her's why: Lennon claimed membership in the Church of England -- even in his later years. McCartney was raised Roman Catholic. In some of their other songs ("Let It Be" and "The Fool on the Hill") the Christian influence is much more obvious. It was good to meet you yesterday. Klaus and Ann are such dear folks."

 For more information, use an on-line search engine for other discussions of this topic.


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