Shannon Wessinger: Here is her version a contact got for me from her about 6-9 months after her VERY CLOSE brush with death and her miraculous healing.

"Hi! My name is Shannon Wessinger. I am a 31 year-old mother of two precious children. Following my son's birth, I hada tubal ligation. Subsequently, I contracted a blood stream infection that led to a very low blood-pressure state. For several weeks I was on complete life support, requiring intravenous medications that shifted oxegen-rich blood from my hands and feet to my vital organs. Amputations of my hands and feet were necessary as a part of my recovery. Many people told me I should have died three times during the course of my illness. Losing my hands and feet has been very emotional and difficult; but I am thankful to to be alive, to be a wife and mother and continue on God's life journey. Thank you for your support and may God bless you in your life."

As a pathologist in that hospital, I was the first to encounter the first amutation specimens. The doctors were being as conservative as humanly possible. Then more would come to pathology. And then more. I found out the situation with with one of her doctors. I was away for a week & finally got back to her chart to see a discharge not by one of her physicians which said something like this: "She has a tough, long row to hoe in her recovery. But, in all of my years of experience, I have never seen such expression of positively hopeful outlook and strength of determination. I expect that she will do well."

That note had me thinking, "This young lady MUST be a believer in Christ." Surely enough, I found out that she was/is a churchmate with one of my wife's best friends in Lexington, S. C. Now several years later, it seems that Shannon's miraculous life continues miraculously and as a living testimony to others. In my heart, I know for sure that this was a God-granted medical miracle!


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(posted 14 June 2014)

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