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Heart attack cheated of its intended vcictim!

In about March 2017, we got a phone call that DDW had had a serious heart attack. His son-in-law and daughter immediately left our area and headed to another Southern state to assess her father's situation.

Several days later, the son-in-law gave me the following series of events that constitute a Divine miracle! DDW experienced disturbing symptoms and hopped into his car and sped to the local-hospital ER (for any number of reasons, DDW could have fainted while driving or otherwise had interferences with his urgent drive). At that ER, a rapid and flawless assessment yielded a decision for rapid ambulance (for any number of reasons, this ER evaluation might have been slower and/or indecisive). Lab tests had been drawn at the first ER for STAT testing (for any number of reasons, there could have been delays in testing & reporting due to staffing issues or instrument failures). Those lab tes results & EKG results in the ambulance headed to the larger hospital with interventional cardiology services (where stents can be placed through a blocked coronary artery) arrived flawlessly ahead of the ambulance. Later, that interventional cardiologist told the daughter & son-in-law that the EKG & lab results were so bad that he fully expected the patient to be dead on arrival (DOA)! But, DDW was NOT DOA. So miraculously prepared was the treating team at that second ER, the interventional cardiologist was placing the two stents that it took to open that major coronary artery in exactly 12 minutes after the ambulance arrived!!! On reviewing the video images with DDW's daughter & son-in-law, most of the major heart pumping area (left ventricle) was hardly working at all...a pefect set-up for a fatal irreguarity of the heart's biological electrical heart-beat mechanism. For any number of reasons, the placing of the two stents could have gone MUCH slower or not worked at all (leading to a fatal outcome of death). However, over a distance of many miles and two vehicle rides & a series of many medical services and communications, everything went a miraculous that the death of DDW did NOT happen!

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[posted 6 March 2017]