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Topical Index of Miraculous Christian Testimonies

This listing is Just the Tip of the Iceberg!

[***editing still in process: if no link on a name, put the name into this web site's search box. If no "hits", use name in an internet search engine & check You Tube, etc.]

 abortion cases/doctors

  • Samuel Alexander Armas (1999-) a pic of his hand sticking from mom's uterus incision prior to birth (the Hand of Hope) went viral on the internet! (Wikipedia).
  • Gianna Jessen, survived her mom's attempt to abort her (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Noah Markham, rescued as frozen embryo during hurricane Katrina (HERE & HERE & HERE).
  • Norma McCorvey (1947-2017), the subject of Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court decision allowing legalized abortion which eliminates way more blacks than other ethnicities (HERE & Wikipedia & ex. = Michigan stats).
  • Bernard Nathanson, M. D. (1926-2011), big-time abortionist doctor turns pro-life (HERE & Wikipedia).

 actors/ actresses

  • Gary Busey, actor (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Kirk Cameron, film maker & director (HERE & see list & conversion on Wikipedia)
  • Jean Carson, actress, especially in Andy Griffith show   (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Teri Copley, actress (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Jim Caviezel, actor & played Jesus in movie, The Passion of the Christ (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Robert Duvall, favorite is The Apostle (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Jane Fonda, leftist actress & Vietnam War agitator (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Mel Gibson, movie actor and film maker...The Passion of the Christ is my favorite & Hacksaw Ridge next (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Andy Griffith (1926-2012), old-timey TV actor (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Tom Hanks & his wife, famous actor (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Charlton Heston (1923-2008), old timey movie actor (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Steve McQueen (1930-1980), old timey movie actor; how the King of Cool met the King of Kings (HERE) & (Wikipedia).
  • Chuck Norris, martial arts, movie actor & producer (Wikipedia).
  • Anthony Quinn (1915-2001), old timey actor (Wikipedia).
  • Della Reese (1931-2017), black/native-American biracial actress & singer  (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • John Schneider, actor & country music singer (Wikipedia).
  • "Jimmy" James Stewart (1908-1997), old timey movie actor (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • J. R. R. Tolkien (1893-1973), English writer & poet & famous for Lord of the Rings & led C. S. Lewi out of atheism (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Lisa Whelchel, actress, singer, songwriter, author, and public speaker (HERE & Wikipedia).


  • Alcoholics for Christ , an alternative (HERE) to AA (AA founder's testimony HERE).
  • Dan Arbuckle, drinker &, in trouble with parents, @ age 29 decided to party/drink a week & then do suicide (HERE).
  • Connie Beswick, panic attacks drove her to alcohol & got gang raped, etc. (HERE).
  • Bill Carrigan, drinking & rebellious Chicagoan  (HERE).
  • Friend of this website author (not named), HERE.
  • George Jones (1931-2013), famous country music legend (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Tim Pickl, went to college & completely lead astray by a Values Clarification class & became alcoholic (HERE ).
  • Brian Wofford, polluted during higher education & into alcohol, he rememberred his father's advice, "If you ever find yourself in trouble, call out upon the name of Christ." (HERE).

 always Christians

  • Sandy Carlson Becker, made huge impact through the Jesus Film Project (HERE & HERE & Wikipedia).

 amazing conversions

  • Todd Beezley, born with brittle bone disease, he thought God hated him until he had an NDE (his story = HERE).
  • Steve Beren, nominally Jewish & became a socialist & then atheist & then Christian (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • George Foreman, incredible heavy-weight boxer has Hound of Heaven rescue (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Kurtis Kolstad (1951-2017), became drummer & druggy (HERE).
  • Sara Miles, raised an atheist = author & founder of The Food Pantry (HERE [note videos] & HERE).
  • LaDainian Tomlinson, pro football player (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Ravi Zacharias, from India, famous Christian; an atheist until the age of 17 when he tried to commit suicide by swallowing poison (HERE & Wikipedia).


  • Leah Fitzgerald, S. C. girl gowing up blind & artist graduated high school in 2002 (HERE). 
  • Randy Hofman, incredible beach sand sculptor artist (HERE).
  • Philip Simmons (1912-2009), black male wrought iron gate artist in Charkleston, S. C. (HERE & Wikipedia).

 atheists and scientists believing in Creation

  • Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis, USA (Creation Museum & Ark Encounter projects, HERE).
  • Gary Parker, Institute for Creation Research; (HERE) and list of other scientists (HERE).
  • Howard Storm, Chair Art Dept. Northern Kentucky University & had hellish NDE & converted, wriiten books about it, & became ordained minister (YouTube).

 attempted suicide

  • Kim Avery, unhappy teen (HERE) decides to committ suicide but...
  • Wayne, decided to committ suicide (HERE) but there was a knock on his door.

 authors (Wikipedia fiction author LIST)

  • G.K Chesterson (1874-1936), genius author of his time (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Finis Jennings Dake (1902-1987), wrote an annotated Bible (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Dinesh D'Souza, Indian immigrant USA citizen born in 1961 & brilliant thinker, author (one book in 2007: What's So Great About Christianity, Regnery Publishing ) & film maker jailed by the Obama administration for petty charges, (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Liz Curtis Higgs, former bad girl writes "Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible: ...". (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • C.S Lewis (1898-1963), great British writer & explainer of Christianity, (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Bernard Nathanson (1926-2011), abortion doctor later producing movie, Silent Scream & writing a book & quoted as saying legalized abortion is "the most atrocious holocaust in the history of the United States" (yet, in 2017, Planned Parenthood still claims to be "doing good" for women (& could not care less about the unborn), (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Edward Perronet (1726-1792), author of hymn, "All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name", (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Margaret Fishback Powers, Canadian author (disputed) of poem, "Footprints in the Sand", (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Anne Rice, born in 1941, she is an American writer most famous for The Vampire Chronicles, (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • John Rosemond (1947- ), parenting guru common sense, conservative and Christian speaker & author (website)(Face Book) (Wikipedia).
  • John L. Sherrill, born 1923 in Tenn., he wrote several famous Christian books, (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Danielle Steele, born in 1947, in 2017 she is the best selling author alive & 4th best in all time,  (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • A.W. Tozer (1897-1963), accepted Christ after hearing a street preacher; American pastor & author, (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Lew Wallace (1827-1905), "wore many hats" but famous as author of Ben Hur, (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Lisa Whelchel, actress, singer, songwriter, author, and public speaker (HERE & Wikipedia)..
  • Bill Wiese, 23 minutes in Hell,  (HERE & Wikipedia).

  back from death

  • Drowned Boy, 4 years old in pool with many & goes under  (HERE...has a NDE).
  • Buddy Farris, previous Chief of Police in Dayton, Va., hit by drunk driver (HERE).
  • Tracy & Coltyn Hermanstorfer, just after her C-section, he thought his dead wife's baby just died in his arms after removal from his dead, pregnant wife (HERE).
  • Don Piper, Baptist minister experienced it & wrote book, "90 Minutes in Heaven"  (HERE & FaceBook & Wikipedia).
  • Peggy Michelle Sanders, was thought dead at birth in Charleston, S. C. & doctor called in to pronounce the death, (HERE).
  • Brianna Temple, Columbia, S. C. &, as 4 year old, falls in pool & drowns (HERE).

  bad girls

  • Iris Blue, white, rebellious teen jailbird, (HERE; Testimony series site; HERE & husband, Duane, HERE).
  • Liz Curtis Higgs, bad white girl & now an author, (HERE).
  • "Star" Larstella Irby Parker, bad black welfare queen & now conservative advocate & author, (HERE).
  • Heather Veitch, white girl raped & became stripper & then "pussy cat preacher" (YouTube & Wikipedia & her IMBD site).
  • No ID, Northerner female went bad & miraculous transformation, (HERE).

  baseball players & coaches

 basketball players & coaches

 birth (major) defects

  • Nick Vujicic, born without legs or arms (& others, too, HERE). 

  BMX sports

  • Chaos on Wheels, (HERE & check video on VIMEO).


  breast cancer & survivors

  • Annice Canady, black female broke the officiating color-gender barrier, (HERE).
  • Kelly Nance Jeffcoat, nurse navigator in S. C. hospital Breast Cancer Program, (HERE). 
  • Paula Hodges Miles, a friend & says breast cancer may have been the best thing that ever happened to her! (HERE).
  • Beth Robles, her life view changed POSITIVELY & is detailed HERE.
  • Gerri Willis, Fox Business...cancer a blessing (HERE & VIDEO & Wikipedia)

  Buddhist (notable, see Wikipedia) converts

  • The Rev. Kyuzo Miyaishi ("Frankie San") (1929-), Japanese immigrant becomes S. C. prison minister (HERE).
  • No ID, (HERE).

  business owners and/or major business players

  • S. Truett Cathy (1921-2014), began Chic-Fil-A, run by Christian principles (Wikipedia).
  • David Green, founder and CEO of Hobby Lobby, run by Christian principles (Wikipedia).
  • R.G. LeToureau, the "Dean of Earthmoving", (Wikipedia).
  • Rex W. Tillerson, head of HUGE EXXON Corp., (Wikipedia).

  cancer cured


  Catholic converts

  charitable founders

  child died

  church events/ productions

  Christian colleges

  Christian families

  Christian publications

  Christian testimony (100s on these) links

 Christian TV and radio shows

  chronic fatigue syndrome cured

  • Martha Jenkins Jones, S. C. native cured! (HERE).

  civil rights leaders

  • Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968), black 1960s USA civil rights champion (HERE & Wikipedia).



  composers of music

  • George Frideric Handel (1685-1759), composer (Handel's Messiah) & musician, (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Francis Scott Key (1779-1843), composed The Star Spangled Banner (HERE, & Wikipedia).

  concentration camp brutality survivors

  • Corrie ten Boom (1892-1983), helped save Jews & thrown into concentration camp (HERE & Wikipedia).

  converts ("notable") to Christianity: check Wikipedia master list of categories

  country music singers/writers

  criminals/mafioso, former (and check gang members)

  • Joseph Donato, HERE.

  cystic fibrosis

  • Mallory Code, HERE. 


  • Gary William Frazier, deaf at age 10, HERE

  delivered from the demonic

  defenders of the truth

  • Dinesh D'Souza, immigrant (HERE) to USA from India & advocate for the unique idea of America.


  drug addicts

  evangelists, Christian

  • Bobby Barnes, evangelist in the Carolinas, (HERE).
  • "Bill" Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, & initiator of The Jesus Film Project (HERE and Wikipedia).
  • Oswald Chambers (1874-1917), evangelist & teacher, (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Nicky Cruz (1938- ), prior New York gang leader, (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Ted Haggard (1956- ), turbulent career, (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • D. L. Moody (1837-1999), Civil War era Chicago, (HERE & Wikipedia). 
  • Stormie Omartian, modern times lady, she evangelizes through writings, (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Billy Sunday (1862-1935), incredible work, (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Roger Whipp, modern times former atheist policeman in London, (HERE).

  ex Hell's angels and/or bikers

  • Charles Barry Mayson, (1944-2007), (HERE).
  • Biker Church, (HERE).
  • Born Again Bikers, a testimonies site, (HERE & CMA & Wikipedia).

  ex jailbirds

  famous business persons

  famous Christians

  • William M. Branham  (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • John Calvin  (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Amy Carmichael  (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Maria B. Woodworth- Etter  (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Madam Guyon  (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Mahalia Jackson  (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Kathryn Kuhlman  (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.  (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Henrietta Mears  (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Samuel Morris  (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • William Joseph Seymour  (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Ethel Waters   (HERE & Wikipedia).

  famous media authors, commentators, journalists & investigative reporters

  • David S. Limbaugh, commentator & author, (Wikipedia).
  • Rush Limbaugh, ultra-famous radio commentator, (Wikipedia).
  • Ainsley Earhardt, TV co-host & S. C. native, (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Jerry Mitchel, investigative reporter finds (2005) Miss. Klan killer of 3, (HERE).
  • Kirsten Powers, liberal TV co-host, (HERE).
  • Lee Strobel, prize-winner, big-time investigative atheist newspaper reporter, (HERE).
  • Dr. Carol Swain, black former political science professor and conservative commentator (Wikipedia).

  famous scientists

  • George Washington Carver (1860s-1943), famous black scientst (Wikipedia). 
  • Francis S. Collins, M.D. PhD., leader of the Human Genome Project to completely map & define human DNA, (Wikipedia & HERE). 

  fashion models


  • Jay Yelas  (HERE & Wikipedia).

  •  William Colgate (),  (HERE & Wikipedia).
  •  Chuck Colson (1931-2012), politician goes to prison & founds Prison Fellowship (HERE & Wikipedia)
  •  Neal Cox  (HERE & Wikipedia).
  •  Chris Danze, (HERE & Wikipedia).
  •  Cecil Day (HERE & Wikipedia).
  •  Rich DeVos  (HERE & Wikipedia).
  •  Howard Finster  (HERE & Wikipedia).
  •  Millard Fuller, (HERE & Wikipedia). 
  •  David Green  (HERE & Wikipedia).
  •  H.J. Heinz  (HERE & Wikipedia).
  •  J.L. Kraft, (HERE & Wikipedia). 
  •  Leonard Lesord  (HERE & Wikipedia).
  •  Lowell "Bud" Paxxon  (HERE & Wikipedia).
  •  Garland Ramsey  (HERE & Wikipedia).
  •  Chuck Smith, (HERE & Wikipedia).
  •  John Templeton (1912-2008), Rhodes Scholar & one of the greatest global investor stock pickers of the century, (Wikipedia & HERE).
  •  Dave Thomas  (HERE & Wikipedia).
  •  Sam Walton, founder of Walmart, (HERE & Wikipedia).
  •  Thomas B. Welch, D. D. S. (1825-1903), inventor of process leading to Welch's grape juice, etc. (HERE & Wikipedia).
  •  F.W. Woolworth(), founder of Woolworth stores  (HERE & Wikipedia).
  •  William Wrigley, Jr. (1861-1932), chewing gum, (HERE & Wikipedia).

  football players & coaches

  • Shaun Alexander, black (HERE) pro football player (Wikipedia). 
  • Rolf Benirschke, white (HERE) pro football player & came down with ulcerative colitis. 
  • Bethel College Football Team, avidly (HERE) Christian (Wikipedia). 
  • Coach Bobby Bowden, famous white (HERE) college football coach; (Wikipedia). 
  • Brandon Burlsworth (1976-1999): fat Christian (HERE) kid becomes football great; see movie, "Greater:..."
  • Coach Tony Dungy, black (HERE) pro football coach (Wikipedia).
  • Nick Foles, Eagles coach for Super Bowl LII win (Vimeo; Wikipedia).
  • Lamar Jackson, 2016 Heisman Trophy (HERE) winner & youngest ever. 
  • John Kasay, (Wikipedia & HERE).
  • Tom Landry (1924-2000), (HERE) famous white pro football coach, HERE; (Wikipedia). 
  • Marcus Lattimore, black USC Gamecock great running back helps athletes prepare for the future beyond sports, HERE.
  • Vince Lombardi (1913-1970), all-time famous Green Bay Packers white pro football coach (Wikipedia)
  • Mike Minter, black pro football player, HERE
  • Doug Pederson, Eagles coach for Super Bowl LII win (Wikipedia).
  • Houston Nutt, white Razorbacks college football coach (HERE). 
  • David Pollack, white pro football player, HERE.
  • Dan Reeves, white former pro football quarterback, (Wikipedia and HERE). 
  • Frank Reich, white pro football player & coach, (Wikipedia). 
  • Mark Richt, white college football coach, (HERE & Wikipedia). 
  • Dr. Rick Rigsby, black former football player & son of 3rd grade drop-out cook. His inspiring video, HERE.
  • Eugene K. Robinson, black (HERE) pro football player, (Wikipedia). 
  • Barry Sanders, black (HERE) pro football player (Wikipedia). 
  • Deion Sanders, black (HERE) pro football player (Wikipedia). 
  • Emmitt Smith, black pro football player (Wikipedia). 
  • Lovie Smith, black college football coach, (Wikipedia).
  • "Dabo" Swinney (was born William Christopher Swinney. His older brother, Tripp, started calling him "That Boy," which became "Dabo," the name by which he has been known his entire life), famous Clemson University football coach has an incredible Christian life story, HERE & (following Clemson national championship win) HERE. 
  • Tua Tagovailoa, freshman Alabama quarterback lifts his hand in thanks to Jesus as they win the 2017 USA college football championship (HERE and Wikipedia).
  • Tim Tebow, 2007 Heisman Trophy winner, HERE. 
  • LaDainian Tomlinson,  black star (HERE) San Diego Chargers (Wikipedia) running back.
  • David Tyree, black pro football player (Wikipedia) (alcoholic at age 14). 
  • Kurt Warner, white (HERE) football player (Wikipedia).
  • Benjamin Watson, black (HERE) NFL player (Wikipedia); his book.
  • Reggie White, black (HERE) pro football player (Wikipedia).

  former atheists (some set out to disprove God and/or Jesus)

  • John Bakas, (HERE).
  • Steve Beren, was a socialist & atheist (HERE & Wikipedia). 
  • Francis S. Collins, M.D. PhD., (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Nancy Lane, PhD., initially turned off by parents (HERE).
  • Clive Staples "Jack" Lewis (1898-1963), famous Christian writer (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Sarah Miles, completely secular & wanders into a house of worship & accepts a piece of communion bread & is astounded as she "tastes God" (video HERE).
  • William J. Murray, the son of deceased atheist Madalyn Murray O'Hair (the son she used as plaintiff, ban school prayer Supreme Court case) turns to Jesus in 1980 (at age 33) & writes a book. Forensic Files episode #111, "Without a Prayer" is about her 1995 death. [do web search, Netflix, etc.](HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Lee Strobel, top investigative reporter atheist & CANNOT disprove Christ & wrote book; 2017 movie, Case for Christ, (HERE & Wikipedia)
  • No ID, HERE.
  • Frank Pastore, pro baseball pitcher & atheist who set out to prove no God & converted & wrote book (Wikipedia)

  former gang members

  • Nicky Cruz, New York city gangster finds Jesus, (HERE).
  • Israel Narvaez, New York city founder of Mau Maus gang (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Star Parker, black former welfare cheat wrote books, (1) Pimps, Whores and Welfare Brats & (2) Uncle Sam's Plantation after she was lead to Jesus (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • No ID, white female (HERE) finds Jesus & spreads Gospel. 


  gave all to others

  • John Wesley Fling, West Columbia, S. C., HERE.

  gay (LGBT) & changed, HERE

  golfers (also do web search...there are more)

  gospel singers & writers

  grew up "dirt poor"

  • Willie Lee Buffington, poor S. C. white mill worker gives all for black libraries (HERE).
  • John Wesley Fling, poor S. C. worker  & gave all to Jesus (HERE).


  • Todd Morgan Beamer (1968-2001), preventively involved in 9/11 N. Y. terror attack (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Henry Clarke Bynum, Jr. (1961-2007), Sumter, S. C. native dramatically prevented terror crash in 2000 of an airliner (HERE).
  • Desmond Doss (1919-2006), WWII Medal of honor for unarmed Christian conscientious objector heroics on Hacksaw Ridge (the fabulous, graphic, disturbing but uplifting MOVIE & Wikipedia).

  high elected officials

  • Condoleezza Rice, black female former Secretary of State (HERE & Wikipedia).

  homosexual (LGBT) & changed

  • Adelaide, HERE
  • Rosaria Champagne Butterfield, HERE. 
  • Cheryl Clark, M.D., HERE. 
  • McKrae Game, HERE. 
  • Ted Haggard, HERE. 
  • Nancy Heche, HERE.  
  • Alan Medinger, HERE. 
  • Matt Moore, now a Christian writer and about (HERE) his prayers to change went initially unanswered by God.
  • Dianne Partain, HERE.
  • Emily Thomes, a Christian when she started dating a girl at age 15, she came to realize (HERE & HERE) that attraction to same sex did NOT define you (HERE)!

  Hound of Heaven (dragged in by Him)

  • Jordan Samuel, video & CBN/700.
  • Saul of Tarsus (becoming the Apostle Paul) is the original, dramatic experience on the road to Damascus!
  • George Foreman, all-time great (HERE) heavyweight boxer.
  • Lily Fishman Isaacs, born in Germany (HERE) to Polish Jews surviving Nazis.
  • Barry Mayson, former Hell's Angel (HERE).
  • Kirk Martin, bad-ass biker (HERE).
  • Kirsten Powers, TV news commentator (HERE).
  • Ashley Smith, held by murderer HERE).
  • Bill Wilson, founder (HERE) of Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • Kris Kristofferson, lead singer to the song (HERE) "Why Me, Lord?".
  • Christopher Hitchens, fiery atheist, "believes" near the end with esophageal cancer, HERE.
  • Tamara Laroux: her suicide attempt & rescue video testimony helps a person to understand Hell.

  hurricane survivors

  • Noah Markham, frozen embryo (HERE) miracle!

  in coma & survived 

  • Kristin, (HERE).
  • Gary William Frazier, (HERE).
  • Kurt Kolstad, (HERE).
  • Vegetative state, (HERE).

  in the mob



  Jewish converts (Wikipedia list)


"ladders of opportunity" (defined) beneficiaries (a few examples among millions)...many have written books about their journeys (many achieved much as they overcame severe adversity or disadvantage (though not neccessarily Christians, The Horatio Alger Association awardees is a long listing of overcomers, HERE).

  • Condoleezza Rice, a racial segregation (Wikipedia) days black female growing up in Alabama with intact family & becomes USA Secretary of State.
  • Frederick Douglass (1818-1895), famous (Wikipedia) former slave; about "ladders"
  • Col. Phillip R. Pittman, son (testimony) of poor black Mississippi sharecroper is Harvard grad. high in USA military.
  • Dr. Ben Carson, born poor black man (Wikipedia) becomes world famous child brain surgeon and 2016 candidate for president of the USA
  • Rory Feek, white boy from trailer park (Wikipedia) to famous country Gosple music writer
  • David Goggins, black retired Navy Seal (his story) with Patriot Tour, finds that being your best, etc., overcomes racism.
  • "Steve" Harvey, famous (Wikipedia) black TV show host was homeless at one time; a Christian.
  • Dr. Willie Jolley, "A setback is a setup for a comeback" (HERE), a fired jazz singer replaced by a karaoke machine & then got on the education "ladder of opportunity" & got a theological degree & degree in psychology & is a top-ranked motivational speaker!
  • Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968), black & born in racially segregated Atlanta, Ga. & (in 1960s) became USA civil rights champion (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Joe Knopp and sister born in totally unstable home with abusive father &, through a church, grew up in an orphanage & then got onto the "ladder of opportunity" of the military and then became one of the producers of the movie (HERE), I Can Only Imagine; HERE about Bart Millard with similar life story (Wikipedia).
  • Marcus Luttrell, retired white (his story) Navy Seal with Patriot Tour, book & movie = Lone Survivor.
  • "Dr. Phil" Phillip Calvin McGraw, famous (Wikipedia) white TV psychologist raised by alcoholic father, accepted Christ at age 12, & was homeless at one time (says this often on his shows & you can hear in You Tube clips). Christian.
  • Leland Melvin, black man in intact family (Wikipedia) explodes his boyhood chemistry set & ends up an astronaut.
  • John C. Morgan, white man (HERE) works for father & Christian roots direct him to be an amazing George Bush impersonator! 
  • Charles Mulli (or Charles Mully), Kenyan street orphan at age 6 for 10 years (Wikipedia)...the 2017 movie, "Mully".
  • Tyler Perry, black New Orleans son (Wikipedia) of a carpenter who beat the hell out of him becomes famous actor & movie maker.
  • Dave Ramsey, Christian financial courses & managing your finances rightly (testimony & Face Book & Wikipedia & HERE).
  • Don Shaffer, white orphan = from poverty to well-off home-builder contractor: The Boy From Maud
  • Thomas Sowell, famous black author (HERE) & commentator who did not initially finish high school
  • Clarence Thomas, black & grew up in racially segregated Savannah, Ga. and became US Supreme Court justice in 1991, (Wikipedia).
  • Johnnie "Mac" Walters, from poor white S. C. sharecropper family to USA IRS Commissioner who stood up to President Nixon when Nixon wanted bad things done to opponents ("Mac" was my ophthalmologist's father), (Memorial & Wikipedia).
  • Zig Ziglar (1926-2012), 1 of 12 & daddy died when he was 5 & had wise mother; became famous business motivational speaker & "wisdom is from God" (You Tube Testimony & Wikipedia)


  • Francis Scott Key (1779-1843), wrote the  USA national athem, The Star Spangled Banner (testimony & Wikipedia).

  lesbian (LGBT) & changed, HERE

  martial arts fighters (MMA/UFC)

  • Vitor Belfort, Brazilian (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Randy Couture, (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Rich Franklin, (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Matt Hughes, (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Joanna Jędrzejczyk, Polish female (Wikipedia).
  • Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Kimo Leopoldo, (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Matt Lindland, (HERE).
  • Diego "Nightmare" Sanchez, (HERE).
  • Steve "Wonder Boy" Thompson, of Simpsonville, S. C., (Wikipedia).
  • Ron Waterman, (HERE).
  • Kimbo Slice (1974-2016), "And you hardly expect a man to find God amid fistfights and pornography." (HERE)

  ministries (often as laymen ministries)

  • William Booth (1829-1912), HERE, starts the Salvation Army
  • Larry Burkett (1939-2003), (Wikipedia) founded Christian Financial Concepts which became Crown Financial Ministries to teach financial responsibility from the Christian perspective  (also see Dave Ramsey money advice, FB page, HERE).
  • Wayne G. Damron, older man of Augusta & Lexington has a personal ministry of 100s of talks to groups about Biblical coins in Scripture; he owns and family is deep into Clein's Rare Coins. HERE is a series posted by another numismatic expert.
  • John Fling (1921-2007), he started what became John Fling Ministries in Columbia, S. C.
  • McKrae Game, (HERE), founded lay LGBT ministry now called Hope for Wholeness Network.
  • Johnny Jennings, (HERE), 86 y/o has personally recycled $400,000.00 to Georgia Baptist Childrens Home.
  • Dave Ramsey, founded (testimony) The Dave Ramsey Show with courses (Financial Peace University) for church groups & podcasts about Christian personal money management (HERE) & getting & staying out of debt.
  • Garland Ramsey, founded His House Ministries in West Columbia, S. C. in 1974.
  • Ervin Shaw, started (testimony) this "stealth-ministry" website that you are viewing in about 1998 in Lexington, S. C. (about 20,000 hits per month in 2017)

  miracles (and see THESE)

  • Lallah Lindler Drafts, my mother-in-law and late-life cancer (HERE).
  • Jennifer Graham, S. C. Midlands teenager and brain tumor disappears (HERE).
  • Sara R. Gray, she felt the hand of God (HERE) in S. C.
  • Tracy & Coltyn Hermanstorfer, Mike (HERE) was in hospital delivery room when they died in Dencer, CO.
  • Martha Jenkins Jones, Sumter, S. C. native (HERE) delivered from chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Susan Marcus, our Holy Land tour guide in Israel (HERE) faced the loss of her son.
  • Tracy Nesbit, 2002 victim of flesh eating bacteria (HERE).
  • Pete Smoak, survives (HERE) vicious rattlesnake poisoning bite.
  • Paul M. Umbaugh, III, facing a lot of surgery, but did not to lose heart. He kept his faith in God, HERE.     
  • Walter Johantgen, M. D., Indianapolis anesthesiologist fell from ladder, in coma over a year, miraculous prayer effort full recovery, HERE.


  modern martyrs

  • Cassie Bernall, the Columbine massacre of 1999 (HERE) & Wikipedia.

 motivational speakers

  • Dr. Willie Jolley, "A setback is a setup for a comeback" (HERE), a fired jazz singer replaced by a karaoke machine & then got theological degree & degree in psychology & is a top-ranked motivational speaker!
  • Dave Ramsey, Christian financial courses & managing your finances rightly (testimony & Face Book & Wikipedia & HERE).
  • Zig Ziglar (1926-2012), business motivation & wisdom is from God (You Tube Testimony & Wikipedia)


  • Chris Conner, central S. C. musician HERE seemed miraculously cured of cancer finally died.
  • Charlie Daniels, famous (HERE) country music & bluegrass musician.
  • Kurtis "Kurt" Kolstad (1951-2017), (HERE) Pacific Northwest Rock scene drummer( he saw this website & we communicated for years).
  • Christopher Parkening, famous California classical guitarist (HERE) converts & launches into Christian music.
  • Caspar McCloud, former Broadway musician (HERE) miraculously healed of heart failure.

  Muslim converts (Wikipedia list) and/or warning of dangers

  newspaper columnists/ reporters

  Nobel Prize winners

  •  long Wikipedia list of 100s of them, HERE


  • Brian Wofford, HERE 

  odd spiritual (?) "leadings"

  • Capt. John Dale Mosgrove, C. D., HERE.

  Olympic athletes 

  organ donors

  organizations by Christians

  other Christian singers

  • Johnathan Lippmann, HERE.

  other famous people

  other personal testimonies

  pageant winners

  parent died when they were a child

  pastors/ preachers/ priests

  "pay it forward" & good deeds efforts stories

  • News Channel 9, very good "pay it forward" website stories collection, HERE.
  • 7 A-plus true stories, HERE.
  • 11 Readers Digest stories, HERE.
  • 18 Good News network stories, HERE.
  • NPR good deeds stories, HERE.
  • 30 HLN TV good deeds stories, HERE.


  • John Ashcroft, former Missouri Gov. & Senator; US Attorney Gen. in 2003 &
    among Wikipedia's list of 21st century Protestant Christians.
  • George Walker Bush, former USA President, HERE.
  • Chuck Colson (1931-2012), of Watergate fame (imprisoned), HERE.
  • Harry Shuler Dent (1930-2007), of South Carolina & the underground church, HERE.
  • Gov. Ben Hooper (1870-1957), Who's boy are you? HERE.
  • Gov. Mike Huckabee, conservative politician, HERE.
  • Alan Keyes, 1996, 2000, & 2008 New Yorker black US presidential candidate, HERE.
  • Condoleezza Rice, black female Mississippian & 66th US Secretary of State, HERE.
  • Gen. Lew Wallace, (1827-1905), HERE.
  • Mike R. Pence, becomes USA VP in 2017, HERE.

  porn stars or strippers; & see XXX church

  presidents (Christian) of the USA, (Wikipedia list)

  prisoners/ prison ministries 

  prisoner of a murderer or criminal

  prisoners of war

  professional surfers

  • Bethany Hamilton, also author, and shark attack survivor   (YouTube testimony; HERE).

  professors in academia




  race-car drivers

  rap singers

  • M.C. Hammer, rapper & minister, HERE

  rebellious youth

  rock singers


  satanic worshipers

  saved from danger

  school shootings

  Scientists (LIST) & in technology (a MASSIVE list at Wikipedia, HERE) & more at Christianity Today (Galileo)

  set out to prove Christianity a fraud

  • Josh McDowell, son of alcoholic & to write a college paper to disprove (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Anne Rice, author of Vampire Chronicles (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Lee Strobel, law school grad & investigative newspaper reporter to disprove (published book & then movie) (HERE & Wikipedia)

  sexual abuse

  sexual addicts

  • Heather Veitch (1973/74- ), white stripper who was transformed by Christ & is a missionary to strippers (HERE & HERE).

  shark attacks

  • Bethany Hamilton  


  • Pat Boone, beloved white "1950s teen idol" American singer proclaims rightness of Jewish-Christian relationship (HERE & VIDEO & Wikipedia).
  • Alice Cooper, white 1960s godfather of shock-rock became Christian (YouTube testimony & Wikipedia).
  • Elvis Presley, King of Rock & Roll...most famous modern singer; very quiet Christian (HERE & Wikipedia & HERE).
  • Marianne Tutalo, singer with Sierra (HERE & Wikipedia).

  single parent

  • Heather, a single mother finds God, (HERE).

  slaves/ slavery

  • John Newton (1725-1807), converted slave trader & wrote hymn "Amazing Grace", (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • St. Patrick, the namesake for St. Patrick's Day holiday (358-461), (HERE & Wikipedia).

  sports coaches/teams

  • Ron Brown, U. of Neb. coach was rejected by Stanford because of outspoken Christian beliefs, (HERE).
  • Tony Dungy, famous black pro football coach, (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Joe Gibbs   (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Vince Lombardi   (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Houston Nutt   (HERE & Wikipedia).
  • Dabo Swinney (was born William Christopher Swinney. His older brother, Tripp, started calling him "That Boy," which became "Dabo," the name by which he has been known his entire life), famous Clemson University football coach has an incredible Christian life story, HERE & (following Clemson national championship win) HERE

  spouse died of AIDS

  • Nancy Heche, married to a secretly gay man & had daughter who got with lesbian TV star (HERE & Wikipedia).

  stroke survival, miraculous

  • John William McCoy, Jr. , of Sumter, S. C. Edmunds High class of 1962 (HERE).

  struck by lightening

  suffers/ suffered from disease

  suicide contemplation and/or attempts

  tennis players

  terror heroes


  Testimony web sites

  triumphed over cerebral palsy

  truck drivers

  TV & movie stars

  TV news anchors/reporters

  USA military service men/women

  USA Presidents

  vegetative state or coma & woke up

  war heroes

  war time pilots

  war victims

  when God protects

  witchcraft & demonic converts

  wrongly imprisoned

  wrote hymns