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An Amick Family of South Carolina

The source for this is "The Amick Book" by Louise Janes Riley, Amicks with Roots in the Dutch Fork of South Carolina, a copy being located in the main branch of the Lexington Co. Public Library on US highway #1 between I-20 and the town of Lexington, S. C.

The Amick family came from northern Germany in 1752. Conrad Amick arrived, having sailed from Rotterdam, Holland, on the Upton, in Charleston, S.C. in Sept. 1752. It was noted that no one died on the voyage.

Fast on the heels of their arrival, a major hurricane hit Charleston on 14 Sept. 1752 and blew the Upton up the Ashley River.

On applying for his bounty land grant, Conrad "Emick" presented certification that his fare was paid in full....therefore he would not have to work off the fare as an indentured servant. With a wife and small son (Henry), Conrad qualified for a 150 acre grant in the fork between the Broad and the "Saludy" Rivers [the Dutch Fork].

Henry had 4 sons and 3 daughters. He was raised on Crim's Creek and died while living on Camping Creek.

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The authoritative book on this South Carolina branch of the family is: Amicks With Roots in the Dutch Fork of South Carolina, Louise Janes Riley, Leesville, S. C., 1982.

REUNION: The descendants of Paul Effie and Almenia Sease Amick have an annual reunion at Lake Murray Community Center off of hwy.# 378 west of Lexington, S.C. at noon the 2nd Sunday of August. It is believed that this reunion has been held annually, continually, at various locations, since at least 1910.

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