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Wuh & MaMa’s Brownies

Though my mother (MaMa) made it more famous, this is actually "Wuh’s" (Mildred Hall Brown, my maternal grandmother) recipe & is easy & good & can be doubled!



 2 large eggs at room temperature
 1 stick Land O’ Lakes salted/regular margarine at room temperature
 ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
 1 cup white regular sugar
 2 squares bitter (unsweetened) chocolate (dark or milk)
 1 cup self rising flour, sifted so as to be a “short” cup
 1 cup chopped pecan nut-meats


 double boiler or microwave
 electric mixer
 11 by 17 inch baking pan with sides at least ½ inch high, greased (grease, oil, or pam)


  •  melt (microwave is OK) margarine & chocolate to mixable/softening stage for “base”.
  • With mixer (electric is easiest), cream sugar into “base” = “sweetened base”; then,
  • add “binder” eggs & then flour to “sweetened base”. Then,
  • add flavoring vanilla extract (can substitute lemon or any other extract flavor). Then,
  • add chopped nuts.
  • Deposit as 6 equally spaced “blobs” into baking pan.
  • Gently push together & merge the six blobs.
  • Bake at 325-350 degrees F for 15 minutes…maybe another 15 minutes…to the point that the center surface is dry & solid to the touch (& do not overcook [but I like the brownies dried & crunchy]).
  • Remove onto cooking rack, run knife around the edge (perimeter), then set for 10 minutes, and then score squares. 

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(posted 1 January 2011)