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MaMa's Candied Yams

(that's what Ervin Shaw's family called it
as long as MaMa was alive; it actually is Edith Cooper's).

Servings: Is enough for 6-8 adults; can reduce the recipe & one yam is likely enough for an older couple.

What is needed:

  1. casserole dish,
  2. four (4) big & plump (not long and skinny), rosy pink sweet potatoes
  3. two (2) tablespoons water
  4. a (1) stick of margarin or real butter
  5. a cup or two of cinnamon & sugar mix with a little salt added (as little or as much cinnamon component as you prefer)


  1. Peel and slice yams as thin as you would tomatoes for a tomatoe sandwich and do so length-wise rather than cross-wise
  2. then, for the full recipe, layer slices to cover the casserole dish bottom,
  3. and cover that layer with a shave of butter on each slice, cinnamon-sugar mix generously applied;
  4. add another layer and butter & cinnamon-sugar similarly;
  5. and keep on layering as above until all slices are used.
  6. Add the water to keep the slices from drying out while baking.
  7. NOTE: some like to sprinkle the top layer also with pecan fragments and maybe small marsh-mallows.
  8. Bake in oven for about 40 minutes at 350 degrees F...stick thickest slice with fork to be sure done before serving

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(27 November 2015)