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In late 1995 or early 1996, Thomas Kennedy of Holland , Michigan, started an e-mail "list-serve" [see the story of it] as a supplement to the 13-week workbook study of Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God, Henry T. Blackaby and Claude V. King, 1990, The Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. At its peak, I heard that this list-serve effort had over 1000 subscribers from many countries around the world. Due to illness, Kennedy discontinued the list-serve.


Southwest Chinese Baptist Church (SWCBC) in Stafford, Texas currently continues to maintain course information and links to Dr. Blackaby's ministry on their church web site at [check it out]. For about a year (1998-99?), the SWCBC site linked to a "Baptist Board" on-line forum which now no longer exists.


In August 2000, Jackson Leung of SWCBC contacted the web site, Baptist Board, and suggested institution of an EG forum. This was started at that site, and I was honored to have been asked to be the EG forum monitor. But it was discontinued in early 2001...there are many interesting forums there, however. When you go to the home page, "click" on Enter Then scroll down the list of forums and see what interests you. You can "lurk" and read without registering; but, you can easily register and post your own comments to any discussion "thread". [check it out].


The soft-back course manual/workbook is about 8 1/2 by 11 inches and about 222 pages. Try these or other sources for same-day purchase and pick up or maybe as little as next-day delivery if you let them know of any urgency:

  •  as of at least 8/2001: Dr. Blackaby has "retired" from the Southern Baptist Convention office and is now working full time with Henry Blackaby Ministries. His ministry is a faith-supported ministry with finances coming from individual contributions and purchases of his products available. Knowing that Dr. Blackaby strives daily to do the will of God as directed by God, if you could see fit to purchase your Experiencing God materials directly from Dr. Blackaby, that would help his ministry and be greatly appreciated. You can link to this information to order or contact his ministry at [here].
  • your local Christian book store.
     in central South Carolina, The Baptist Book Store, Harbison Court, in the Harbison shopping area: 803-781-6779, store hours 9:30 a. m.-8:00 p. m. (EST), Monday-Saturday...about $4.00 shipping unless order has a value higher than a certain amount.
  • Baptist Sunday School Board (copyright owners), Nashville, Tenn., 1-800-458-2722, 8:00 a. m.-5:00 p. m. (CST), Monday-Friday.
  • an internet book store such as


In the absence of any other EG list serve on the web and in connection with the UCT ("University of Christian Training") schedule of 8/00 at Northside Baptist Church, I [Ervin Shaw] initiated a new EG e-mail list serve. The semester kicked off Sunday evening 13 August 2000. I participated in Kennedy's list in the winter of 1996 and found it to be an illuminating experience and one containing possibilities for further witnessing and discipleship...especially if people registered with correct e-mail address visible in a signature. We only had 4-5 participants on that new EG list serve that Fall of 2000. I subsequently read part of V. Raymond Edman's book, They Found the Secret , and concluded that my unfruitful EG internet effort had not had any anointing by the Holy Spirit.

As of 2 Sept. 2001, my church had not scheduled EG in its UCT line-up. In that the list serve had attracted so few members and the Baptist Board EG Forum (above) was unexpectedly discontinued, I decided that there was no apparent "call" for EG on-line at this point in time. In association with Northside's Wednesday night activities, Rev. Diane O' outstanding teacher and one claiming to have been greatly impacted by EG and her subsequent teaching of the course many times...will teach EG. Start date is 4 September 2002 in the CFC room 210 6:30-7:30 pm. I personally attest that Diane teaches from a Jesus-filled heart and from a life rescued by Jesus himself!

Sadly, as of March 2003, Rev. O'Connell & my wife and myself are no longer members at Northside.

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