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In The Shade of the Qur'an

(after  "The Philosophy of Islamic Terror", Paul Berman, The New York Times, 23 March 2003...a 12 page computer print out)

Web site editor introductory comment: First of all, what chance does a believer have for taking the message of Jesus (Isa al Masih...Jesus the Messiah) to followers of Islam if we say bad things about their key figure? Is that in ANY way to the road to "right relationships" as urged by Jesus? This YouTube video which came to me near the end of 2014 notes that the Koran mentions Jesus far more often than Mohammed & the additional markers in the Koran which point to Jesus (HERE).


Written by: Islamic philosopher, Sayyid Qutb (pronounced KUH-tahb),  in Egyptian jail (1954-1966)...hanged in 1966 by Col. Gamal Abdel Nasser. Born 1906, committed Koran (Qur'an) to memory by age 10, & college educated in Cairo. Liked socialism & literature & writing novels & poetry. Masters @ Colorado State College of Education. In The Shade of the Qur'an is (when fully translated to English) = 15 fat English-language volumes. His earlier book, cited at his trial, Milestones. Qutb is the intellectual hero of every group that came together to form Al Qaeda.

His Philosophy: God first came to Moses with instructions for mankind for living life that, if fully followed,  harmonized mankind's spiritual & physical aspects...harmonized all of human nature. While in Jerusalem, Judaism fatally withered into a system of rigid & lifeless ritual. God came to mankind a second time...Jesus. Squabbling between old-line Jews & Jesus followers was intense, & Jesus followers were so persecuted that never able to provide adequate or systematic exposition of Jesus' message...the Christian Gospels "turning out badly garbled". Worse, Christians divided life into the spiritual & the secular..."a hideous schizophrenia" manifested to its worst extent by the doctrine of "separation of church & state"!  God thirdly came seventh century AD via Muhammad; & Muhammad wrote the Koran, a writing correctly redefining rules for the proper integration of the spiritual & integrity for living of all aspects of human nature. Then, by world-wide implementation of Islam & following of Koranic law (shariah), the world would abolish man-made law, be in perfect harmony, & thereby be free from servitude to other men. [forced by a theocratic dictator using Saddam-like methods?]

The Qutb volumes said to point copious blame for the thus-far failure of human nature to properly unite in a satisfactory (utopian) socialization. First, man strongly tends to place an arrogant & deluded faith in other sources of authority than the human "mind"...or one's own "heart". He blames the Jews, a people which he says are eternally ungrateful to God, having acquired a slavish character while in Egyptian captivity for 400 years. Result: "they became craven & unprincipled when powerless and vicious & arrogant when powerful". His Koranic commentary is said to devote a huge amount of space condemning the Jews & promoting that Jews are involved in never-ending conspiracies & plots against Muhammad & Islam. Christians are blamed for the western "hideous schizophrenia" noted above. And he blames Muslims who have gone along with the western societal errors based on Christianity's schizophrenia.

According to Qutb, the true confrontation of this world, the deepest confrontation of all, is over Islam & nothing but Islam. He sees the efforts of the Crusaders (Christians) & Zionists (Jews)...continued as European Imperialism & the Zionist movement & in the current Middle East struggle & such as western interests in world an effort to annihilate Islam. Why does he see it this way? Because his kind believe that those non-Islamist leaders think that Islam must be annihilated in order to rescue the failed doctrines of Judaism & Christianity from extinction!

At around the time of the above Col. Nasser, there had been a widespread Pan-Arabists movement, & Qutb stood for a narrower theocratic political create a new society based on ancient Koranic principles. Groups influenced by Qutb's thinking have fused into Al Qaeda, & they intend a worldwide Islamists society. Al Qaeda upholds a worldview that Crusaders & Zionists have been conspiring for centuries to destroy Islam. Al Qaeda is not only popular, it is also institutionally solid & sophisticated, wealthy, global, & well-connected in very high places.

So, how can one conclude that President Bush is anything but correct that terrorism & the war against terror will not be concluded quickly or easily? As other dreamers of new societies (Marx, Stalin, Hitler...Nazis, Fascists, & Communists) have been so wrong in their ideas, Qutb was wrong about the message of Jesus [here].

Incidentally, I saw a TV interview with Lawrence Wright on about 8/19/06, describing the process of gathering info for his new book, The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11. He noted Qutb's college start at  Colorado State Teachers College in Greeley, Colorado in 1949 (Qutb following later with his book, The America I Have Seen).

During the week of 12/7/06, I heard a Glenn Beck program reference to the video done at his demand by CNN and broadcast & the audio/video now on YouTube as The Real Story: Iraq (about how much good has been accomplished since the war). As well, note his speech about militant Islam and the clash of civilizations on 12/1/06 at Ashland University, the speech being on their website podcast archives of The Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs as an audio file. And, see Glenn's website page with summaries and links called The Perfect Storm as a situation. And, if you doubt the threat of radical Islam, go to YouTube for clips about EyeOnTheWorlds's movie "Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West" (a sequel to "Relentless..."), released August 2005, that movie being posted on Google videos, and maybe getting theatre distribution by January 2007. You can buy DVDs at the website.

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(posted 21 April 2003; latest update 14 December 2006)