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Jack's Corn Soufflé

(Orlando, Fla. restaurant about 1998)

Yield: 10-12 people

28 oz. Frozen yellow (only yellow will do!) corn kernels

6 oz.(1 & 1/2 sticks) Butter

2 oz.(1/3 cup) Sugar

10 oz. Heavy whipping cream

5 eggs

1 Tbsp baking powder

5 Tbsp flour

salt to taste (from none to about 1 tsp)

Method: Heat butter & blend (cream) sugar into it...
stir flour into the mix; then gradually stir in cream.
Add beaten eggs to it; then blend in baking powder.
Now stir in thawed corn. Pour mixture into about a 3 quart
baking dish & bake at 325 degrees for 45 minutes &
test to see that inside is done. Best served right away; good warmed over. If it seemed to "fall" at all, there may be too much egg component (try smaller eggs).

One of Ervin & Betty Shaw's very favorite recipes. Hardly anyone has ever eaten this at our home without asking for the recipe! We found this recipe at a restaurant in the hotel in which we were staying in for a huge national pathology meeting (I am a pathologist) in about 1998. It was so good that we got it as a side at every meal other than breakfast. We wanted the recipe desperately! Prepared to offer a huge tip to the waiter for a copy of the recipe, I nervously asked him if they ever divulged the recipe. "Would you like to have the recipe? Yes? I'll be back in a minute." In no time at all, he returned with an old timey mimeographed copy of the recipe. To my shock, they apparently were very liberal in sharing it. Well, guess what! In March 2015, we blundered into Jack's Place again which is now located off of the ground floor lobby in Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando, FLA. Jack's Place is named in honor of founder, Jack Rosen (1914-1989). Jack used to sketch caricatures of famous diners, many of which decorate Jack's Place!

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(posted 25 October 2003; latest update 14 March 2015)