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A Kolb Family of South Carolina

The Kolb's are thought to have left the Mennonite Church in Pennsylvania and come to the Pee Dee region of South Carolina. The family line in the Sumter County, S. C. area pronounces their "Kolb" name as "Culp".

You can check out what I have by way of the index in this [HERE] website. HERE is a Find a Grave memorial on the father of Col. Able Kolb. I have made Find a Grave memorilas back to our original ancestor, Johannes Kolb (a Mennonite born in Germany) whose father was Dielaman Kolb, Sr. born in Wolfshein, Baden, Germany (and died in Mannheim). Through SCDNR, there has been archeological investigation going on at our immigant ancestor's S. C. home place HERE.

The annual family reunion began about 1892 & is always held on the first Sunday after Labor Day. For info, contact Horace B. Curtis of Sumter, S.C., or Ellen Bohon,

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