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The Ladner Family of Gulf Coastal USA

Probably originally L' Adner, the family name has spelling and/or pronunciation offshoots such as: Latdener, Adner, Lardner, Lanner, Narner, Ladniere, Ladnaire, and Ladnier. At age 20, Christian Ladner, from Canton of Lucerne, Switzerland, on board the vessel Marie bound for Louisiana, made his move to the USA. His wife was Marie Barbe Counal. A son, Jean Baptiste Ladner, was baptized 12 Sept. 1724; and he married Marie Louise Fisseau. They had a son, Jean Baptiste Ladner of Bay St. Louis who married Francoise Carco of Deer Island 2 May 1801. A descendant, Carlos Ladner, fought under Major General Andrew Jackson in 1814 in the Battle of New Orleans (of the War of 1812). Carlos married Anna Rester about 1817, and they had 14 children. Among them was Mary Marie Ladner who married Mose ("Moise") Ladner, Sr. They had Astiziele "Dally" Ladner, and she married Samuel Shaw. Annie Ladner married John G. Shaw who came to the Gulf from S. C. Descendants have spread along the Gulf Coast from New Orleans to Pensacola, being particularly numerous in south Mississippi.

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