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Granny's Homemade Egg Noodles



  •  5 lb. bag all-purpose flour
  • 12 eggs


  • Fill a BIG bowl about 2/3 full of flour & make a hole  in the center of the flour (about 1/2 way deep)
  • crack & pour the white & yolk of 6 eggs into the hole. Mix by swirling your hand in the mass of raw eggs in a circular motion, picking up flour with the eggs as you go around & around. 
  • When you think it's made a ball of dough of the  right consistency, pull out & shape into a round ball , then divide into 3 smaller balls. 
  • Put plenty of flour on the table prior to rolling  each dough ball out and try to roll as thin as possible, keeping  the dough in a circular shape (as best as you can!). 
  • Now add 6 more eggs to a new flour hole and repeat. 
  • Lay out each rolled-out dough circle to dry (works quicker under a ceiling or other fan)..."Granny/Mom would have NEVER done this as it would have "run up" her "lectric"  bill!" 
  • When the edges of the rolled-out sheets start curling up stack, the 3 circles & cut stack in half and continue stacking & cutting until the stack is about 4 inches wide & stack probably no more than 3 inches high.
  • now's the trick: with a stout & sharp knife or cutting edge of some type, you shave/cut through the stack to create fine slivers of semi-dry dough. You must shave/cut those noodles as thin as you can get them (which won't be ever be thin enough to please Granny!). You'll have blisters on your hands, and your muscles will be sore; but you'll get over  it. 
  • Once you have  them cut, you can put them in a Ziplock bag and  freeze them until ready for use. We have always used them in a chicken noodle soup. 


We THINK (rather, we're hoping) 12 eggs worth of  noodles will serve about 40 people. And, teach your  kids  to do's a Lindler tradition we can't let die!!!

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(posted 6 January 2008)