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Aunt Mae Lindler's Pickled Beets

Betty's mother, Lallah Lindler Drafts (Aunt Mae's sister-in-law), made pickled beets for canning in canning jars. But, after she died and Betty was trying out some of her recipes, Lib Kaminer Bouknight was a long-time family friend green-gardener source of beets. When Betty went by to buy the beets, she and Lib started chatting about cooking beets. Lib said, "Betty, your mother's pickles were good; but your Aunt Mae Lindler's were the best. I have her recipe and will tell it to you."

prepare the vegetables: use a peck [but, a short recipe = 3 average to large beets & produces 3 pint jars of pickles] of intact vegetables and trim the leaves off and leave 3 inches of stem abnd leave the tap root. This reduces the amount of red color that "bleeds" out during cooking. Wash.

into into pot covered by water:

  • cook covered with water until tender (about four hours).
  • Betty keeps pot uncovered and with a wooden spoon lain across the open top (keeps from boiling over).
  • periodically maintain water coverage by adding more to the pot .
  • ready when can stick with a fork but not mushy.
  • cool.
  • cut stems away; cut tap root away.
  • holding each cooled beet in turn, gently rub skin off.
  • quarter each or slice each into desired pickling sizes.

the pickling mix:

  • 7 and a half cups white vinegar [short recipe = 1 cup].
  • 6 cups sugar [short recipe = 3 fourths cup].
  • 4 and a half cups water [short recipe = half cup].
  • 1 and a half tablespoons of salt [short recipe = a pinch].
  • bring this mix to a boil.

Using sterile pint or quart jars, put cooked beets into jars and carefully cover each with the very hot pickling mix, clean jar rims, then place the lid on and screw tight with the ring

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(posted 6/22/2013)