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Plucked From the Sea

On about 12 October 2004, an e-mail came suggesting that there were some errors in this story and that the testifier would likely prefer complete anonymity. So, I'm going to leave it up & remove identifying data.

As the Viet Nam war raged on, a wealthy family of exporters (originally from China) enjoyed a life of privilege at their home in the southern-most tip of that country. Then, the North VC invaded into the upper south. As the enemy slowly made their way south, her dad bought a ship that would hold about 2000 family and friends. They converted assets to gold & money which was either sewn into clothing or kept carefully hidden. The day came for leaving, and the ship was launched for China.

To the shock of the emigrants, the ship was suddenly confronted by a band of  pirates (they lay off-shore awaiting fleeing groups) who robbed some valuables, raped as many women as possible, and wrecked what they easily could. This pirate attack was repeated several times until the last band of attackers succeeded in breaking the ship into pieces in an attempt to sink it. Fifteen hundred or more survived, and they drifted toward Malaysia. In sight of land, some attempted to swim ashore but were shot by sharpshooters trying to keep their country from being over-run by fleeing Vietnamese. Finally, negotiations were made and a money & gold deal cut where the ship pieces were roped together and a Malaysian ship would tow them to China. Maybe several hundred miles en route, the tow ship dropped the tow rope and steamed away, leaving the little girl and her people adrift on the high seas. A storm came and separated the ship pieces.

In her ship piece, the people then began to pray to Gods of the various religions that were no avail except that the storm died down. They had not been allowed to bring water or food. Finally, in stark desperation, her father cried out, "May the one true God, whoever you are, show yourself and save us!!!" At that moment, someone saw a cross; and it was a World Vision ship...the Christian relief agency. Though having a strict policy against picking up refugees (the captain would later be fired), the captain said that his heart was filled with an unquenchable desire to save this boat load (the other boat pieces and people were lost). And they were taken to America.

Like most of those rescued that day, the girl accepted Jesus as her savior...God having answered her father's cry. The family settled in Fort Smith, Arkansas. The girl excelled in school, and the family became US citizens. She became a medical professional who married a dentist and lives in Houston, Texas. Siblings are Harvard graduates. A book is planned about this family's experience as of 2004. She or he is a friend of my friend, D. O. In September 2004, preparing to leave for the founding of her missionary effort in Kenya, Diane gave me an audio tape of this testimony by the testifier.

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[posted 28 Dec. 2001; latest addition 13 October 2004]