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Mother Brown's Puddin' Mush

Mother Brown is said to have always used beef liver plus pork meat.

  1. Staple ingredients: 2 pounds each of pork and liver; corn meal.
  2. Equipment: boiling pot & bread-loaf pan(s).   
  3. Cook on stove top: boil as needed but don't scorch.
  4. Seasoning: salt & pepper to taste and do so as served.
  5. Liquid component: tap water.
  6. PROCESS: boil pork in the two (2) quarts of water until done & season to taste, being careful to not over-do it. Remove the pork and then put the liver into that pork-stock broth & boil until done. Remove liver & hold with pork. Strain the stock. While bringing back to boil, grind the pork & liver together. Add cornmeal to thicken the re-heating broth some and then work the ground pork/liver into it. Once all is blended, pour into the loaf pan(s) and allow to cool & solidify. Slice and fry to whatever desired brownness or crispiness and serve (often with eggs and grits). Some like pieces as snacks.

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[posted 16 October 2015]