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Wuh's Smothered Chicken

As I remember, Wuh used chicken thighs mostly.

  1. Staple ingredients: a pound or so of chicken parts; onions; butter and/or cooking spray.
  2. Equipment: broiler/baking pan.   
  3. Cook in oven: broil first followed by baking.
  4. Seasoning: mildly salt & lots of ground black pepper before cooking.
  5. Liquid component: none.
  6. PROCESS: butter or cooking-spray the pan to retard sticking. Salt & pepper all sides of chicken parts. Arrange chicken parts in pan (the more the distance between pieces, the better each browns). Broil & turn and broil other side. Layer lots of sliced onions on top of chicken & then bake at about 425 degrees for 35-60 minutes, depending on quantity.

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[posted 17 October 2015]