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Patti's Sweet-Salted Pecan Halves

This is the recipe of Betty Drafts Shaw's best friend in the Pittsburg area, Patti Strickler, which Patti makes when we send her pecans.

  • use 4 quart heavy pot with room to stir.
  • oven: cold not preheat.
  • salt: kosher larger-grained salt.
  • sweet liquid component to coate nuts: maple syrup (one half cup per two cups of pecan halves).
  • staple ingredient: intact pecan (nut) halves from shelled pecans, two cups.

The pecans can be freshly shelled or frozen from one or more seasons back, or store-bought. With pecans in the cooking pot, (2) seriously wet the pecan halves with maple syrup. (3) Heat on low heat until nicely syrup coated. (4) Sprinkle with kosher salt. (5) Spread on a baking sheet until cool. (6) If too sticky, put into oven on low heat (150-170 F) for about 20 minutes. (7) Cool & enjoy!

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[posted 12 December 2016]