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The Steel Bridge alternate outcome

On July 1st, 1998, office workers gradually realized the presence of two bodies hanging by ropes from the downtown Steel Bridge, Portland, Oregon. They hung for over an hour before they could be taken down...dead. Michael Douglas (29 y/o) and his fiancée Mora McGowan (25 y/o)...broke, tormented, hopeless...had gone from being $200/day heroin-addicted street people to the end of their ropes.

I, however, personally know of a (then 17 y/o) son of a professional family, Christians, who was a heroin-addicted street person in Columbia, S. C. who occasionally killed alley cats for food. Sometimes attending counseling sessions with a psychologist, Dr. Frank L. Quinn, who is a Christian and now also director of the S.C. Center for Gambling Studies, the boy was not totally out of contact. So concerned for some boys in this situation, Frank went to enormous trouble, encouraged by the help of former S.C. Lt. Governor Bob Peeler (my first cousin's former husband), to try to set up an in-home living situation with a rural, hardworking, non-judgmental Christian family. He finally was placed in touch with a Mennonite dairy-farming family who agreed to take the boy off of the streets and into their home and hearts. The boy left that family in just 4 weeks...drug free...on to college...strong in his Christian belief and a relapse-free college graduate today in Oregon.

For different reasons, Dr. Quinn also steered my only son  to this Mennonite family, and he came away a changed youth in only 6 weeks.

When Jesus is invited...truly invited...into a life and then promoted in that life, the most unthinkable changes to the good become possible. With Jesus there is HOPE.

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(posted: September 5, 2000; adjusted 21 August 2015)