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  • "Word Power": Amazing true stories about the power of God's WORD...a collection of them; check out their current story AND their archives...The Bible League [inactive as of 3/02...?]

  • See a by-Category TOC of Testimonies and Inspiration.
  • Some neat stories at Focus on the Family site
  • 1000's of testimonies: While searching the web on 2 April 2000 for the story of David Berkowitz' conversion, I finally stumbled upon the "He Invites" (cannot find it in 2017) website, a type of website that I have hoped would arise. Hundreds, maybe even thousands, of testimonies have been collected had been collected and categorized from around the world. The testimonies were submitted easily through the could submit yours. You can sign up to be sent a free weekly e-mail of a testimony. While I personally like to hear and collect fully authenticated testimonies, a source such as He Invites, Inc. (of Ashland, Oregon) allows a much wider range of essentially private testimonies to be gathered as evidence to both the believer and the non-believer that Jesus wields the power from almighty God to change lives in a wondrous way. Monte and Wendy attended a Campus Crusade Family Life Seminar where they were challenged to share Jesus Christ with the world. God spoke to their hearts about the infinite value of personal testimonies and the limitless resources of the World Wide Web. They gathered together a small group of dedicated people and began to develop a website. Today, He Invites receives Christ-honoring testimonies from many nations and countries from around the world and receives an average of four persons receiving Jesus Christ daily. Monte turned over the reins of this exciting ministry to Don Baker in April 1998. As of 2015, I cannot find the website.

  • "Precious Testimonies" is a large website collection, categorized.
  • Dozens of CBN 700 Club documentary testimonies (click on "amazing stories": Often accompanied by photos, video, and audio, check out current and new...amazing stories & testimonies to what Jesus has done for individuals caught up in homosexuality, immoral lives, pornography, drugs, violence, false religions, poverty, war, natural disasters, health problems, near-death experiences, overachieving, the effects of trauma, and turning to the Gospel of eternal salvation.
  • "Words To Live By": is a unique 30-minute program that tells true life stories (testimonies), through recorded interviews, of everyday people and how their lives were changed through God's Word. Check this site (a project of Radio Bible Conference) for the radio station carrying the program in your area. At least the current recorded story is available in audio on this web site. I have found these to be wonderful, especially because you can hear the emotion of the testimonies. Their web site as of June 2015, HERE.
  • Jesus Junction: This was a new website in about 2001 which had a menu to the left which lead to testimonies , miracles, etc. I cannot find it as of mid-2007.
  • Guideposts magazine: Begun about 1945, it is a monthly magazine of 3.3 million circulation featuring first-person, true-life stories that offer practical solutions to everyday problems and inspiration for overcoming personal difficulties. Guideposts magazine is first and foremost about people. People from all walks of life...celebrities to schoolteachers...who tell personal stories of how faith has helped them overcome enormous adversity or simply face life's day-to-day challenges with optimism, determination and joy. For 55 years Guideposts stories have touched millions of lives. Go to the web site and click on "inspirational stories".

  • Worldwide Challenge web site: The web site has on line stories & topics. Its magazine is published 6 times per year by Campus Crusade for Christ International; this magazine has a page of short testimonies and/or testimonial stories of inspiration on the page called "doubletake".
  • Pax TV's Its A Miracle: It was a nightly 30 minute program of inspiring miracles which often include credit to God for the miracle. Some episodes can be found on You Tube, an example, HERE.
  • Multnomah Publishers has a "Prayer of Jabez": [their highly popular little book released in 2000]; Their website used to be available which included a forum for testimony sharing.
  • Unshackled: the longest-running radio series in American history, devoted to stories of real people who are "set free" upon becoming believers in Jesus the Christ. You Tube collection, HERE.

You may want to read many brief examples of the powerful, supernatural molding of a persons life (in spite of the family background) which is possible through the acceptance of Jesus as your savior. Are you tired of life as it now is for you? Consider accepting Jesus  now [check it out]! See other faith & health information [here]. More testimonies HERE.

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(posted: September 5, 2000; adjustment 1 November 2017)