The Truth... What is it?

Both of our parents were BAD alcoholics:

On 2 Dec. 2001, he told our gathering, "I tell you the truth, there is no situation a person can be in that can't be healed if he'll just ask Jesus into his heart to be his Lord!" Born in about 1943, that man, a brother, and a sister grew up with both parents as terrible alcoholics. "Lois, a neighbor, told me nearly 40 years later that a few of the neighbors used to periodically gather and talk about how those 3 precious children just had no chance in life. I used to go over to Miss Lois's in the fall and help her pick up and shell her pecans. And, so, Lois always made two pecan pies just for me...and I would make them last and last. This was good eating for a kid used to peanut butter sandwiches and Cheerios".
One day I hope to know the rest of this story. But, somehow, those children found Jesus. The brother is a beloved pastor, and the sister is a contented homemaker. Rev. Dr. George Thomasson of Texarkana, Arkansas is a Jesus-preaching, attention-getting, good-humored preacher who lives a fulfilled life and is now the director of church planting for the Florida Baptist convention.

You have just read a very brief example of the powerful, supernatural molding of a persons life (in spite of the family background) which is possible through the acceptance of Jesus as your savior. Are you tired of life as it now is for you? Consider accepting Jesus  now [check it out]! See other faith & health information [here]. More testimonies HERE.

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[posted: 22 Feb. 2002]