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She drowned but life returned

It was a typical Saturday morning in about 1997; and Brianna, 4, and her brother Trey were up early playing on the back porch. The Temple family had just bought a new home in northeast Columbia, S. C.; and it came with a pool. The kids had only been in it once. Typically, the temples kept the gate locked...but not on this particular morning.

Tiffani, the mom, was cleaning around the pool when her employer called; and she ran inside. In a matter of minutes, Brianna and Trey managed to unlock the screen door and make their way outside. Tiffani remembers hanging up the phone and sensing danger, "And I went back there, and I saw my son standing on the edge of the pool; and immediately I knew something was wrong." Tiffani saw Brianna at the bottom of the pool, "So I just ran straight to the pool, and I looked for the darkest area; and I just immediately jumped in." Tiffani frantically carried her daughter to the front yard where her husband Bruce was cutting the grass. "I held this lifeless child...because she was limp, I thought she was dead; and he saw me holding her, and he just screamed. He just screamed, 'Oh God!'"

Time was running out when Tiffani called 911, "I tried to tell them everything I could. I could tell them about the right address 2049. I just screamed, 'Jesus!', I just yelled, 'Jesus!, Jesus! That's all I could say was 'Jesus'." Bruce was outside with Brianna, "The first thing I did...I remember hollering and screaming and said 'Jesus, no! Is she breathing? No!'"

The Temple's neighbor was also on the phone with 911, relaying to Bruce what to do. Another neighbor, a supervisor at a Pediatric Respiratory Care, began CPR. Emergency workers arrived on the scene, and they found a little girl who was starting to regain consciousness. Tiffani then realized her daughter would live. "God is so awesome. He was right there in our time of need. It wasn't her time to go." Brianna spent one day in intensive care, and then she walked out of the hospital on her own. She's now back to being an active four year old.

Tiffani says there's no memory loss or any sign that Brianna nearly drowned to death. The Temples are closer as a family and to the God that they believe answered their desperate prayer. This was reported on WIS TV's Power of Prayer series [here]. I had an e-mail from a neighbor in March 2009 indicating that all is still going excellently for Brianna Temple in Blythewood. See other faith & health information [here].

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[posted: 10 Dec. 2000; update 30 March  2009]