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Another Special Life in Christ

These testimony lives are not stories of "role models". Jesus is the role model!
These are lives wonderfully touched & changed by Jesus!

Brian Wofford:

I saw this story on the 700 club while on a vacation 7/30/05. He'd won ABC TV's Extreme Makeover, Home Edition in 2004. I'd guess Brian was born about 1954. His loving parents divorced when he was 11. Though getting his education, his drive to be a chiropractor got diluted out by wild living, beginning with cigarettes, to alcohol to drugs. He failed the chiropractic accreditation board exams 6 times & bar-tended for about 10 years. There was a huge hole in his heart, and he spiraled downward to the point of planning suicide. But, his dad had done at least one thing that mattered tremendously...he'd planted a seed:

At his lowest point, he remembered what would turn out to be a life-saving piece of advice from his dad.

“’Brian, if you’re ever in trouble, you can always call upon the name of Christ. He’ll always be there for you.’ The minute I said, ‘Forgive me, Father. Help me, Father. You are my Savior’… that hole got filled up. It became such a healed heart. It was God’s love, His peace, and His kindness. For the first time, I was satisfied.”

Brian never touched drugs or alcohol again. Over the next while (havinf grown quite fat), he lost over 100 pounds. Just two months after his conversion, Brian met Theresa, and they had 8 children; she died in 2000 of septic complications of flu. With no wife to come home to anymore, Brian relates to God...his "Dad" (my friend really also sees God as her Dad, too). Brian says he knows it’s Jesus Christ who’s walked him through every trial in his life. Today, he passes on the same advice to his son that his father gave him.

“Christ is sovereign. Our Lord provides. He sustains you. He uplifts you. He’s there all the time. If you call on Him, He will be more than ample to supply all your needs. He’s a great dad.”

(posted 1 August 2005)


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