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These testimony lives are not stories of "role models". Jesus is the role model!
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Charles Edward "Charlie" Daniels:

He was born 28 October 1936 in Wilmington, N. C. "I was reared in a Christian home. Of course, I was a rowdy country boy, but I was taught right from wrong in a painstaking, loving way. I would say that I had a typical childhood. But later in life I got so far off the path that you wouldn't have thought I was a believer. I made a commitment to Christ when I was a kid, but I don't think that I fully understood what Christianity is about. I thought that in order to be a Christian I had to be a legalist and be perfect. Of course, I came to find out quickly that that wasn't going to happen.

"I never had a "Damascus road" experience; my return to Christ was gradual. It was as if the Lord Jesus was saying to me, "Charlie, you aren't doing right. You need to get straightened up." There was always that tugging of the Spirit. I honestly don't know how people who don't have faith in Christ make it. When they go through something difficult, when they need help, where do they go? Where do they find any peace at all?

"But the times were different back when I was a boy. As you know, our culture has changed tremendously. Back then it was a mild sort of a time, nothing like what it is today. Nowadays kids have a lot of stuff to go through, and good kids deserve to be applauded."

Music legend Charlie Daniels is scheduled to appear this month [the Fall of 2001] at the Central Valley Billy Graham Crusade, in Fresno, California. In this article Mr. Daniels talks about music, faith and the Word of God.

Q/ Charlie, you'll be joining Billy Graham in Fresno, California, for his Crusade there this month. What do these Crusades mean to you?

A/ "Well, this will be the seventh Crusade that I have done with Mr. Graham, and it is always a blessing. I am an entertainer, so I'm trying to get the attention of the audience. But what I really want is to see people streaming from their seats down to the platform to receive Christ as their Savior. They are making an eternal decision. That's my primary motivation."

Q/ What was the first Billy Graham Crusade in which you participated?

A/ "The first Crusade that I had a part in was in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1996. It was wonderful. I'll never forget the first person I saw come forward to make his decision for Christ. He was the first person to come to the front. He came by himself, and he fell to his knees. When other people started coming, it was just a little trickle, and then it was like water pouring off the sides of a bowl. It was an amazing thing."

Q/ When did you first sense that you were good at music?

A/ "I had the desire to be an entertainer, oddly enough, even before I learned how to play music.

When I first started learning, I was 14 years old. It was difficult to find anyone to teach me, so finally I went to see a friend who had an old guitar. He showed me how to play. The next thing I knew, we had a little bluegrass band going. A few years later I moved to Nashville, Tennessee."

Q/ What happened when you arrived in Nashville, where people say that "country music is king"?

A/ "It was kind of hectic. I tried to do studio work, but I'm not really a studio musician. There were certain sessions where I fit, such as when I worked with Bob Dylan, but I was not in the groove for the type of music that was going on in Nashville at that time. My playing was too loud, too "bluesy." I learned that my heart was on a stage, not in a studio. I wanted to be playing for people, not for a microphone."

Q/ Is there a person in Scripture with whom you identify?

A/ "I have thought a lot about David, the psalmist. He is a prime example of someone who did not always do the right thing, but the Bible says that he was "a man after God's own heart,"(1) so David must have been doing something right. Every day I recite the 91st Psalm, and I trust that I am living in the "shadow of the Almighty."(2) I have committed that Psalm to memory, and it's part of my prayer life."

Q/ How do you feel today about some of your early songs, such as "The Devil Went Down to Georgia"?

A/ "I have changed the lyrics in some of my songs, because I am not comfortable with the words. The songs are still popular, and people want to hear them, but I have changed some of the lyrics."

Q/ What message do you try to convey through your life and music?

A/ "I make no secret about my Christian faith. On stage I do a hymn and I tell the people that Jesus is my Savior and Lord. Many people misunderstand the Gospel message. They think that you have to be "good enough." People need to understand that they can never be "good enough." There was only one Person in the whole world who was -- Jesus Christ.

I try to get across the message: "You're a sinner, and I am too. When we accept the Savior who puts our sin under His blood, the sin is gone." It's as if that sin never existed. That's something that is hard to understand, but that's what the Bible teaches. You've got to accept it and believe that it's true, that it's the Word of God. The Bible is not just pretty words that someone sat down and wrote one day. The Bible is God-inspired. It is real."


Jim Dailey interview published in "Decision" magazine (October 2001) and posted on BGEA website

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