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Another Special Life in Christ

These testimony lives are not stories of "role models". Jesus is the role model!
These are lives wonderfully touched & changed by Jesus!

Prayer prevented the rape:

Missionaries in Africa most of their married lives (since 1936...retiring in 1996), they were on a 10-month volunteer effort working in the village of Morija in Lesotho, South Africa. At 2 AM on 1 Feb. 1998, they awoke with four men (members of an international car-theft ring) surrounding their bed demanding money and the keys to their 10-passenger, all-terrainToyota Ventura. Dragging them to their car and threatening rape and murder, the thieves set off the car alarm by mistake. Hearing it, a neighbor notified their landlord who notified police and missionary authorities.

Somehow, word also quickly got to their daughter Beth Gestring; and Beth quickly notified their home church in Camden, S. C and another church in Columbia, S. C. In retrospect, it has been determined that "prayer chains" (Christians notifying Christians to immediately pray) were already forming as the couple was being driven deep into the mountains by their kidnappers. Even in the face of the deadly threats, "The Lord gave us His perfect peace [of mind]."

After about 45 minutes of mountain driving, the criminals stopped the car in a remote area and, strangely and miraculously, released Gene and Jean Phillips unharmed. "The Lord delivered us through the prayers of the people in the States," said 70 year old Gene ("The State" [newspaper] 26 March 2000). Suspects were arrested that day and are awaiting trial. If you are asked to pray, don't delay!

And there is more:

After hearing some of Jean Phillips' stories from the mission field, many have suggested that she should write a book. Rescue is the story of how God has rescued her family time and again. From discouragement. From a son's drug addiction. From another son's mental breakdown. From sickness. Even from death. An online portion of the 4-page account  of the African kidnapping is [here], having been print-published in the 28 April 2002 Baptist Courier. See other faith & health information [here].

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