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These testimony lives are not stories of "role models". Jesus is the role model!
These are lives wonderfully touched & changed by Jesus!


Harry Shuler Dent, Sr. (1930-2007):

He was born in St. Matthews, S. C. in 1930.

He was considered by many to have one of the most brilliant political minds ever. He left the Nixon team after the 1972 U. S. presidential election. He was a trusted advisor to Presidents Ford & G. H. W. Bush. Somewhere in his late 40s, however, Dent had an encounter with real power. Afterward, he was no longer enthralled with his success as advisor to Presidents..."to the most important person in the world". "The most important oath I ever recited was when the One who created 'the most important person in the world' and all the rest of us opened up my heart to follow the Bible's teaching to be an 'ambassador for Jesus Christ'"...quoted from his book, Cover-up, The Watergate in All of Us.

Dent embraced a call to evangelism!

When Harry Dent made his dramatic move from the Washington “loop” to the world scene — from the political to the spiritual realm — it was certainly the most important decision in the progress of his rich and full Christian life.

This involved a drastic change from his allegiance to a political commander-in-chief to that of total allegiance to his spiritual commander-in-chief, Jesus Christ.

He thus embraced the Lord’s Great Commission of evangelism, beginning at home and extending unto the ends of the Earth.

In so doing, he was thrust upon the stage of human drama, moving from the role of changing national history to that of changing eternal history. He did this through an unending dedication to and a passion for God’s good news, his story within history — that of redemption for all mankind.

Through his superb leadership in establishing strong programs of lay evangelism in the true New Testament pattern, Harry Dent became a stellar example and inspiration to both laity and clergy alike.

He will always be remembered for his unstinted devotion to God, country and family. What he did under God for his country and for the world was aided and abetted by his devoted wife, Betty, and their children. Seldom do we ever see such love and devotion for the kingdom’s work as that demonstrated by this family.

I feel certain that there are those who would join me in commending unto them the words of our Lord, already received by this husband and father and one day to be heard by each of them: “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

I would also share with these dear ones the words of the Apostle Paul: “Therefore comfort (encourage) each other with these things.”


Missionary Emeritus

International Mission Board Southern Baptist Convention


His Find a Grave page is HERE; his Wikipedia write up is HERE. For more information, use an on-line search engine for his/her name and secondary search word, testimony.

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(posted 9 October  2007; latest addition 25 July 2008)


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