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Another Special Life in Christ

These testimony lives are not stories of "role models". Jesus is the role model!
These are lives wonderfully touched & changed by Jesus!


God's hand on his back:

A Midlands of S. C. resident at the time, she is 16 years old now (Nov. 2000). After multiple previous surgeries, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor deep in the brain at age 6. Her mother was a committed Christian; her father, as he puts it, "...was in a spiritual coma." But, this awful news from the doctor at his daughter's bedside in Richland Memorial Hospital sent him (alone) hurrying to his knees in the hospital chapel. Steve notes that he had hardly gotten into his prayer of crying out in desperation to God when he felt a hand softly but surely on his back. A voice softly filled his mind with, "Don't worry, your daughter will be alright." Startled, Steve whirled around; and no one was there. Miraculously filled with assurance, he hurried back to the waiting area to tell his now angry wife. "Bit" notes that this story from her frustratingly non-believer husband just made her angrier...if God spoke this, then why to Steve rather than her? They would later find out that prayer chains had been activated in their behalf. Mom still has a card from an unknown lady in another city detailing the praying that was going on.

The day for surgery arrived, and a diagnostic biopsy was done confirming a low-grade brain tumor. Several days later, a CT scan was done; and the doctors were amazed to report that the tumor had amazingly shrunken, " if it is going away on its own." Now awakening from his "spiritual coma", Dad rushed back to the hospital chapel to lift up prayers of thanks. But, there were two women crying and praying in the chapel. As he sat back to do his own prayer, a voice impressed itself into his mind and said, "Don't thank me here. Go pray with those two." He went to them, asked what was happening, and then asked if he could pray for their situation; and he did. About a day later, while Steve was in the hospital room shower, a lady knocked on his daughter's hospital room door. Mom ("Bit") answered it, and a woman was there with tears just streaming down her face. "Your husband prayed with us yesterday, and I wanted to let him know that our prayers were miraculously answered!"

Our chruchmates at the time, Steve and Bit Graham have a perfectly healthy daughter, Jennifer, 10 years later. While this miraculous experience was hugely important to their spiritual lives, the Grahams report that, even so, it was several years later that their spiritual eyes "...really began to open." See other faith & health information [here].

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