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Another Special Life in Christ

These testimony lives are not stories of "role models". Jesus is the role model!
These are lives wonderfully touched & changed by Jesus!


Ken Moore:

Born about 1954, Ken left a secure job in Savannah, Georgia some years ago (about 1991), having received a call from God to the seminary. He was raised in a Christian family in Clinton, S. C., his father having been active in church until a little past the kid's teen years.

I had just gotten back into church after decades of absence. One Sunday, Pastor Cloud came to me and said, "Ervin, there is a couple joining our church who has cashed in everything to go into the ministry. She had a job of some sort in the medical field at one time. Would you see if there are any jobs available at the hospital?" I said that I would. The next Sunday Pastor Cloud checked with me...actually, I had totally forgotten. "Ervin, this is serious; please do some checking!" Then Ken gave his testimony to the Sunday school class...I think that might have been the first "official" testimony that I actually ever realized that I was hearing. I was completely absorbed & mesmerized as Ken told of his having been a tough & rowdy Viet Nam war Airborne Ranger and how he'd progressed in City/County jobs in Savannah, Georgia. How he'd been amused by Christians and had actually had some gleeful times kidding and making fun of some Christian friends/coworkers. It was the most arresting testimony I've ever heard. I got Cathy a job with the billing company who worked our group's billing; and Cathy was faithful and exacting in that job until they permanently departed for Belize in late 1996.

I think that there was a Godly co-worker or friend who had some sort of impact on Ken, and he started back to church. The rest is history.

The Ken Moore family is a career missionary family who served on the mission field in Belize, Central America, on the Gulf coast until June 2003. They worked through the Belize Southern Baptist Mission. Some say that Belize could become the next Hong Kong of the world.

We have been privileged and blessed by God to have a long and close relationship with Ken, Cathy, Matt, and Adam through their entire experience since Savannah.

We had a long visit together, today (1 June 2004) as they get set to depart 11 June 2004 for the mission field in Trinidad. They were then inGrenada. They retired during 2015.

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(posted 1 June 2004)


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