The Truth... What is it?

Another Special Life in Christ

These testimony lives are not stories of "role models". Jesus is the role model!
These are lives wonderfully touched & changed by Jesus!


Lance Berkman:

Playing baseball in the major leagues is very challenging. There is a lot of pressure riding on every at-bat. In addition to your own desire to do well, there is the constant evaluation of the coaches, team and media. Those evaluations determine my value to the team and provide security to my career.

Living the Christian life is also challenging but for different reasons. The same desire to do well exists - to live a consistent life that honors and pleases the Lord. Wkipedia about Lance. The big difference is that God isn't evaluating my actions and basing His love on how well I "perform". His love for me is unconditional. Even when I mess up He doesn't threaten to trade me off His team.

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[posted 2009]


You have just read a very brief example of the powerful, supernatural transformation of a person's life which is possible through the acceptance of Jesus as your savior. Are you tired of life as it now is for you? He will accept you just as you are right this second! Consider accepting Jesus now [check it out]!