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Another Special Life in Christ

These testimony lives are not stories of "role models". Jesus is the role model!
These are lives wonderfully touched & changed by Jesus!


LaDainian Tomlinson:

LaDainian Tomlinson (a/k/a ‘LT’) is the star running back for the San Diego Chargers professional football team. His mother , a devout Christian, taught him as a child that God would take him places he wouldn’t believe possible. And that’s exactly what happened in his life! When LaDainian was 14 years old, he attended his local church and had a dramatic encounter with God! The Spirit of God seemed to overwhelm him during the service, bringing him to tears. He was so moved that he couldn’t quit crying as he experienced the drawing power of God, encouraging him to surrender his life to the total control of Jesus Christ. It was in the midst of that watershed event that LaDainian committed his life to follow Jesus as his Savior, becoming a child of God, and never looking back! Consequently, his new Spiritual Father has stayed true to the promise He revealed to LaDainian’s mother…success! 

God subsequently directed LT’s steps into the football arena and gifted him with the ability to excel at that sport. And it was through football that LaDainian found one of God’s purposes for his life. He came to realize that it was God’s intention all along to use the witness and godly life of this incredible running back to direct others in the football family toward their only hope for eternal salvation . LT's primary desire and purpose in life came to be focused on glorifying God through everything he did. As a result of his intense dedication and devotion to his Savior, the Lord blessed LaDainian’s life beyond measure. God has given LaDainian super success, and resultant opportunity to exalt the name of his Savior for all to see, that they might eventually search out the pathway to their own personal salvation experience with Jesus Christ, God’s son. And because LT’s teammates know of his strong personal relationship with God, they seek him out for guidance whenever their lives get tough.

God is now able to use LT as a vehicle to focus those in need toward the ultimate solution for peace and joy…Jesus Christ. LT says he prays more now and reads his Bible more now than he ever has, and finds that to be the key to staying in close fellowship with his Spiritual Father, the invisible God. He acknowledges that staying strong spiritually is all about a day-by-day dedication and trust of God. He firmly believes what God’s Word (the Bible) says is true, and uses that as his guide for everyday direction in life, as well as using it as the instrument to teach him how to develop intimacy with God. LaDainian now knows and rejoices in the fact that God developed a plan for everyone He created! He embraces the truth that his mother knew so well, that everything that happens is designed for a purpose.

And one of the many roles of God’s Holy Spirit is to daily unfold and reveal the part of God’s plan that His children need for that day, so that they might understand, embrace, and follow His plan as it pertains to their life. Now, LT’s primary desire and purpose in life is to glorify God through everything that he does. And he has already seen some of the rewards of that decision. God has given LaDainian super success and resultant opportunity to exalt His name for others to see, that they might eventually find the pathway to their own personal salvation experience with Jesus Christ, God’s son!

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(posted 7 December 2003; latest update 17 October 2005)


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