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 Colo-rectal cancer treatment protection & healing!

My on-line friend, Gary Frazier passed this fine testimony on to me, Gary being a friend of Larry's wife, Janice. Larry was protected from treatment complications, was quickly healed, and seems likely to have been miraculously cured!

[healed vs. cured]

"My name is Larry Maxwell and this is my testimony about God healing me of cancer.

In late July of 2006 I went to the Doctor and upon his initial examination I was told that I had colo-rectal cancer. I did not accept that report.  The Doctor ordered a CAT scan and then a Colonoscopy.  Both tests came back negative, no cancer.  Since the Doctor was sure it was cancer, we decided to go get a second opinion.

After the second Doctor’s exam, he told me that I had cancer.  I still did not believe that report.  I was scheduled for another Colonoscopy with a biopsy and then a PET scan.  Both results came back showing the tumor had specks of cancer cells in it.

One night my wife, Janice and I lay in bed crying together about the news of cancer, and the Lord gave me a vision, which I shared with Janice the next morning.  “I was standing on the shore of a large body of water.  On the shore was a one-man sailboat with a beautiful multi-colored sail.  I looked up at the sky which was black and dark like a big storm was coming.  As I saw this, the Lord showed me the shore on the other side of the water.  There were many people standing on the shore.  There was a bright light like the sun was shining there.  I could only see images and silhouettes and the Lord revealed to me that these were my prayer warriors who would be interceding for me.”

My treatments began in August 2006 with chemo and radiation therapy to shrink the tumor.  It was the size of a small TV remote control.  I had 28 treatments with no side effects, no problems which I believe was God’s protection.  The next step was the main surgery on November 29, 2006, that took place four weeks after my last radiation treatment. After surgery when I was finally moved to my room, I felt great and had no pain. Praise the Lord!!  I had no problems, no pain and needed no pain medication.  The Lord protected me again.

After my recovery from the surgery a port was surgically inserted just below my collar bone.  Again after surgery I had no pain and needed no pain medication.

In January 2007 I started chemo treatments.  I went on Tuesdays and the treatments would last six hours or more.  I then wore a pump for 46 hours and went back on Thursdays to have it all removed.  The Oncologist explained the side effects of the chemo, but I had no problems, no pain, and no nausea.  I praise God for His intervention and protection again.  Thank you Lord!!

The final step in September 2007, I had another PET scan done.  It showed no cancer anywhere.  I am completely cancer-free.  Praise the Lord!!

No matter what your circumstances are, if you have faith in the Lord and in prayer, nothing is impossible.  I had people interceding for me from Soviet Russia, Arizona, Florida, West Virginia, Missouri, Georgia, Alabama, California, Montana, and the list goes on and on. God's people prayed and He answered.  Nothing is so big that God cannot help us overcome.  I am a survivor, not the kind on TV reality shows, but a real Cancer survivor.  I am so thankful to God for His healing mercies and for giving me a testimony.

God blessed me and my little sailboat and brought me to the other side where the sun is brightly shining.  He delivered me from the storm and the victory is mine through His mercy and grace.

I want to say “thank you” to all of you for praying for me.  God bless you!"

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(posted 2 August 2008)


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