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 Oberammergau Passion Play

Every 10 years since 1634 AD, the town of Oberammergau, Germany (in the Alps) has presented its passion play (Wikipedia info) ...a play which has "run" for over 365 years (last done 2010)!!

When the black plague swept through Europe causing massive death on the continent, it finally approached this southern German town near Austria in 1633. After a few deaths, the town fathers are said to have gotten together & promised God that, if He would spare the remaining citizens, the people would present a play depicting the life and suffering of Jesus as a sign of gratitude. It is said that there were no other deaths after that promise!

The tradition is kept alive to this present day. It is a requirement that any performers must have been born in Oberammergau. Townspeople wrote the script and composed the musical score, and they designed and built the theater in which it is staged. Play website. The page on Wikipedia HERE.

Wikipedia list of other Passion plays, HERE

Wow! On 1 Dec. 2017, I opened a Face Book private message from Farise Edens McIntosh, a friend from South Carolina since our childhoods, who told me that she attended this play in the summer of 1970!

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