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Ambulance sirens and "speaking in tongues":

Prior to Dec. of 1999, I was very skeptical of the authenticity of Christians "speaking in tongues". Then, a Christian friend since 1993...she and her husband being strong, college-educated, "normal" Baptist Christians...cautiously and vulnerably told a small group of us how she began speaking in tongues.

The "gift" (I Corinthians 12:10) of tongues came upon her for the first time at home one evening at about age 40, many years after becoming a Jesus believer. An ambulance came by with siren whining, and my friend had an irresistible urge to verbalize; and she went to the privacy of her bedroom. She couldn't understand the language that flowed forth, but had the distinct impression that it represented a ministry of prayer for the person(s) the ambulance was carrying...that such patients may not have anyone to pray for them prior to notification of family or friends.

This urge and verbal activity tended to occur each time that she heard the ambulance siren (they lived near a hospital with emergency room). She told us that she once overheard an East Indian individual speaking her native tongue, and that this sounded somewhat like the speaking in tongues language that came forth from herself. Some years later, they bought a home in another location. About to move to the new residence, her heart sank when she realized that the new home was nowhere near any hospital...would her move be disobedient to her Spirit-given ministry? Shortly after moving, she realized that the ambulance episodes had significantly increased because the new home was near a cross-town beltway over which many emergency vehicles sped to four different hospitals. Having been faithful to what the Spirit had given her, the move had actually increased her ministry in behalf of accident victims who may have no one to pray for them.

Another friend, one of the women who works in our lab, tells me that she is in a church and has witnessed "tongues" & that it is real. She loaned me her fascinating book published years ago by Pyramid books, With Other Tongues by John L. Sherrill...(his testimony, HERE) recounting his investigation of the phenomenon of "tongues".

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