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Coach Ron Brown:

University of Nebraska Assistant Football Coach Ron Brown, a black man, was denied the head coaching job at Stanford University, reported The Daily Nebraskan, because of his religious beliefs. Of particular concern was his candid belief that homosexual behavior is a sin. Yet his well-known position is that homosexuals should be loved just as Jesus loves them. His religion "was definitely something that had to be considered," Alan Glenn, Stanford's assistant athletic director of human resources, told the student newspaper. "We're a very diverse community with a diverse alumni." Brown says he was shocked at both the decision and the school's candor. The school later retracted that any such thing had been said that carried anything against Christianity.

"If I'd been discriminated against for being black, they would've never told me that," he said. "They had no problem telling me it was because of my Christian beliefs." Now, does any reader of this testimony think that Coach Ron would fabricate or lie about this?

Glenn later backed away from his statement, but others, including San Francisco Chronicle columnist Mark Simon, say Stanford was right not to hire such an outspoken Christian. Brown, meanwhile, says the Stanford rejection won't silence his Christian beliefs. "I don't believe you compromise any truth for whatever job," he said. Ron can be seen, HERE.

after Christianity Today, about 06/25/2002



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(posted 7 September 2002; updated 24 September 2015)


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