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Do Jews have devil horns?:

Born and raised in Boston, Mass., in a privileged Jewish family, one of her first startling childhood memories was another gentile child's question: "can I see your horns?" "What horns? I don't have horns!' "My daddy says that Jews are devils and devils have horns!" [a sad corruption of John 8:44] She later saw herself excluded from clubs and sororities just because she was Jewish...exclusion by a society composed largely of Christians. Moving with her husband and children to Israel in the mid '70s, she became a tour guide (and was our group's tour guide 8 June-16 June 1999). She has numerous Christian friends and contacts via her guiding, but had a very special friendship with a Texas pastor...he loved to tease her that he liked to come to "Jee-"rusalem in "Jew-"ly!

Some years ago, her son was so severely injured that all Israeli medical personnel considered it lethal and communicated this to her. She rushed to the ICU (intensive care unit) to be at his side in order to constantly plead with him NOT to give up and die. Strangely, and almost immediately, she began to receive telephone calls from this Texas pastor and other American Christians who promised fervent prayer and the initiation of "prayer chains" in behalf of her son. (To this day, Susan Marcus has no idea how the American Christians knew of the disaster.)

Miraculously, her son was healed (though he lost a leg) and was an active Israeli army major as of June '99. Susan unabashedly gives all of the credit to God for the healing through the power of prayer by Christians in behalf of a family that they did not know.

Susan saw a different face...salt and Christianity; and, as a committed conservative Jew passionate for the cause of Israel, she obviously but unobtrusively utilizes her position as a guide to Christians (Holyland Workshops, Inc., out of Stoughton, MA) for a personal ministry toward the appreciation of the joint heritage of Jews and Christians. May God bless this bright and passionate lady and her family that we meet her again some day in heaven! See other faith & health information [here].

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(posted January 2001)


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