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Around-the-world bone marrow transplant testimony & prayer need:

This is an e-mail miracle from a family out of my daughter's church:

Dear Praying Friends,

Praise the Lord!! Hallelujah!!! and Greetings from ____ in the name that makes Satan shake in his slippers, that brings hell-bound sinners to their knees, that brings instant comfort to the heart of His children - Jesus! JESUS!!! JESUS!!!!!! Hallelujah and Praise His Wonderful name!!

This letter may be long, but God has done so much in answering all of our prayers, I want to give you as much detail as possible so that we can praise Him together for His mighty acts. On September 12, 2002, I sent a letter stating a prayer need for a _____. (If you recall, our ______) Also, in our May 2002 Prayer Letter, you may remember me mentioning my brother who has leukemia. Our Great and Mighty Redeemer is working in both these situations and coordinating the details in such a way that it would make even the coldest child of God shout and Praise the King! Amen and Amen!!!

Here are the details. My brother's doctors at Vanderbilt University determined back in March that the only way he could recover from the leukemia was if he received a bone marrow transplant. In March, they requested that I have some blood drawn at a lab here in ______ and send it to them for testing to see if I could be a donor. Donors are very difficult to find. To find a "perfect match" is almost impossible. On April 27, I received word that I was a "perfect match", and I was asked to come to the USA to give the bone marrow. The first of May, we sent our prayer Letter out asking all of our supporting Churches and friends to pray for my brother. We did not mention the transplant, just that he and his family needed prayer.

As we found out more about the transplant, we learned that we would be required to come back to the USA for six to eight weeks in order to give the bone marrow. We were also told by the staff at Vanderbilt, that if I did not come to give the bone marrow, my brother would have very little chance of living. I was told further by the Nurse Practitioner for the bone marrow transplants that "Receiving a transplant from a sibling with a 6/6 (a perfect) match significantly increases the probability of survival compared to what could be expected from an unrelated donor transplant, assuming one could be found. Therefore, we obviously feel that your donation represents the best chance of survival for your brother."

After much prayer, God made it very clear to me that it was His will that we stay here where He put us. Though I wanted to do all I could to help my brother, I had no peace about leaving ______ for any purpose - even if this absence was just for 4 to 6 weeks. In the middle of May, I called my brother to tell him that I could not leave ____. Understandably, he and his family were broken.

The second week of June, ____ [his wife] contracted Dengue fever [was in ICU...potentially fatal virus]. While being treated for this disease, we met a doctor and asked him if the Hospital in ______ could take my bone marrow and send it to the USA. He said no, but he knew a Hospital in ____ that could. I tried to contact the hospital in _____ but could not. Toward the end of June, _____ [daughter] became ill [dengue fever], and we took her to the same doctor. He asked how my brother was and if I got the information I needed in _____. I gave him the update, and he said that he would contact _____ himself. The doctor in _____ said they could extract my marrow and send it to the USA. He said they do that often to other countries. At the end of July, the doctor in _____ contacted my brother's doctor at Vanderbilt. I informed my brother of this possibility, but I never heard anything more about the matter.

On September 12, I sent a e-mail requesting prayer concerning our _____ (remember, they are going to ____ on Oct 21 - this Monday). If you recall, one of the options I listed was that we could leave the country for a few days then re-enter _____ and get a tourist visa at the airport. With much prayer and God's intervention, we could then have the ______________. On September 14, (just two days after asking you to pray about our ______) I received an e-mail from Vanderbilt. They informed me that they had been granted special permission to send me to ________ to have my bone marrow taken. Since then, we have worked out most of the details and guess what? _______ and I are leaving for ______ on Oct 21 - THIS MONDAY MORNING AT 1:35 a.m.! I will undergo bone-marrow harvesting surgery on Oct 30th, and my brother will receive the marrow on Oct 31 in Nashville!

Only our God could have pulled all of this together! Amen and Amen!!! Please continue to pray for us. ____ and I have absolute peace about the trip to ______ (by the way, about 300,000 people there speak _____, the language we have been studying for nearly one year. HALLELUJAH!!!!!!)

 Also, please continue to pray about the _____. And finally, please pray fervently for my brother and his family. Pray especially, that God would work in their hearts and use all of this to meet spiritual needs in their lives. I will keep you updated as things progress. We praise God for you and for your supplications to him!!!

Brother _____, 1 Kings 8:60"

[The transplant was successful. But, within a few weeks, _____'s brother had complications and died. Pay close attention to the miracle of missions, however. Even the _______ area of ______ has opened slightly to the Gospel as of 3/31/03.] 



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(posted 17 October 2002; latest update 8 March 2004)


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