The Truth... What is it?


I seriously dare YOU to think a minute:

Does this type of reaction mean that your mouth is, figuratively speaking, wide open and that you are incapably and passively a receptacle for whatever written or spoken word is thrown at you?

OF COURSE NOT! The hearing of a believer talking of Jesus is the only area of human discussion that I know of wherein one will hear a person reflexly respond with the "stuffing it down my throat" response. No such response to:

  1. Con artists pushing their gambling games, stock deals, tax shelters; or,
  2. Sales people presenting their product on a "cold call"; or,
  3. Best friends giving advice; or,
  4. Telemarketers hawking a product; or,
  5. A friend telling you that you ought to do or buy this or that because "everyone has one", or "everyone is going". 

Most people are irritated by some of the above; but, peculiarly, the interchange is not viewed as "stuffing it down my throat".

THE TRUTH is that God is real and has created each human in his own "image". Part of His grand plan is that all people at some point in history hear of what He did for mankind in order to atone for the accumulated and future sins of mankind by sending Jesus to mankind as the Savior. When a human has defied honestly considering the fact of Jesus, human nature prompts a hostile reaction to any presentation of Jesus. Are you feeling defiant about this? 

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(posted about 2002)