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  Wild Cherry Bounce

I tried to make this while living in Charleston, S. C. about 1974; and it got "upset" in the move in the summer of 1975 to Columbia. Jack Leland...under the name, "Hungry Neck"...published a recipe. We live on a small farm with wild black cherry trees, and I'll try this in 2006. I also saw one website report that the cherries make a good jam.


1 quart Southern wild black cherries (Prunus serotina)
1 lb sugar
1 fifth bourbon

Wash and pick over cherries, removing stems. Drain. Place moist cherries in a half-gallon jug. Pour ½ cup sugar over moist cherries, then shake until cherries are coated. Pour remaining sugar on top of cherries. Do not mix. Place cap on jug loosely to prevent pressure build up. Let stand until sugar melts on top of cherries, then stir by revolving the jug. Repeat until sugar is dissolved.

Let stand for 2 months. Pour bourbon over cherries and close jug tightly. Let stand 3 months. During this time, revolve jug occasionally. Strain through cheese cloth and pour into bottles. Yields ½ gallon.

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(posted 11 December 2005)