The Truth... What is it?

  Making His Word Known

 SEE and HEAR: Video Presentations

  • the Jesus Film Project: most-viewed film in history, viewable on the web site! See the movie on line with your choice of many languages HERE

SEE and HEAR: Live preaching/internet/TV/Crusades/Radio

  • Denominational & non-denominational preaching.
  • street preachers (before you roll your eyes, did you know that John the Baptist was much like a modern day street preacher?)
  • The Jesus Film project, as an example of multi-media showings to ver 1. 5 BILLION humans as of 1998.
  • WMHK, as a radio example was bought in Dec. 2014 & operates as K-Love.
  • Billy Graham, as a crusades example
  • Christian world-view commentary about current events...Chuck Colson's Break Point
  • The Promise Keepers, as a mass-gathering example
  • categorization of internet Christian sites of all types . . . .[a Christian "portal"]

  • internet MP3-like down-loadable sermons ("Godcasts") and "podcasts"



In addition to the missionary efforts of all of the churches of Jesus worldwide, at least five organizations stand out for delivering scripture to new believers:

  • A publishing history since ancient times, HERE.
  • The Bible League : source for Bible translations in over 500 languages and an organization sponsoring daring actions to get Bibles to new believers in countries who have outlawed the Bible, often at the risk of death. Founded in 1938, they have taken God's Word in written form to over 500 million people in 90 countries. Radio program, "Word Power", gives stories of the incredible power of The Word of God (The Bible) to change lives for the better.
  • The Gideons International is an organization of Christian businessmen committed to supplying written copies of God's Word along routes of trade and commerce. You will hardly ever stay in a motel room without a copy of The Bible placed by The Gideons....45 million copies are placed yearly.
  • American Bible Society, since 1841, purposes to provide the Holy Scriptures to every person in a language and form each can readily understand and at an affordable price; 212-408-1200.
  • Wycliffe Bible Translators is another organization promoting Bible distribution.
  • Bearing Precious Seed is another.


Think of smaller-scale evangelists as well as the tens of thousands of missionaries all over the world proclaiming God.


Almost all churches are involved in some way in spreading The Word through: local and foreign missionary work, sermons and Sunday-school teaching, church outreach activities and visitations [an impressive visitation story]. A few examples:

  • In Touch Ministries, the teaching ministry of Dr. Charles Stanley. Website with learning materials and sermons can be heard over the internet from an archives of topics.
  • Insight for Living, the teaching ministry of Dr. "Chuck" Swindoll.

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