The Truth... What is it?

In The Beginning

PREFACE: It is so very important that, in considering the origin of the material universe and our earth, that an otherwise educated and intelligent person not throw out an entire arena of thinking just because one branch of that thinking strikes you as ridiculous!!!

Scientists have calculated that the odds of the natural forces of primordial physics and chemical phenomena combining at just the correct time and conditions to form a single protein molecule successfully by the proposed process of "evolution" as much less then 1 chance in 700,000! One of the most important scientists in the world believes in God and is HERE.

The same small odds would have had to play out in order to create each new molecule of the same type as well as any variant molecules. A critical mass of a significant variety of simple molecules would be necessary in order to create a single complex molecule such as a protein (then those proteins would have to spontaneously combine to make RNA & DNA so that replication could happen). Imagine the staggering odds against spontaneous initial evolution!...just at the chemical level

THEN, what are the odds that molecules could precisely combine for a first time to create a cell?

Unlike "evolution", Darwinian evolving-over-time (evolutionary adaptation) forces of natural selection and adaptation cannot come into play until there is: (1) at least a one-cell creature which (2) can replicate. With the above fantastic odds, how can evolution get to an even more fantastically complex level such as a one-cell stage? A highly interesting place for a tourist visit to see some perspective on this is the Creation Museum. But!...stay with me and check the "deeper' link, below!

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posted June 1998 (latest addition 13 April 2016)