The Truth... What is it?


It seems to me that God always (or often) allows a mix to exist consisting of (1) scientific truth and (2) "faith truth"... Biblical truth. This mix insures that dissension occurs among humans, and people will be forced to engage the issue & struggle for the sake of searching for TRUTH. As noted on a prior page, one of the most important scientists in the world believes in God is HERE.

Evolutionists: Instead of seeing and discerning THE TRUTH, many scientific persons blot out & ignore or minimize flaws in a pure scientific explanation (observations and interpretations of the evidences therefrom) and refuse to learn about, or even consider, the realm of God (the spiritual, divine realm). Ignoring discrepancies, they simply prefer to have faith in a "scientific" belief...flaws or not. Shying away from TRUTH, they are NOT willing to give a fair hearing. That is, evolutionists are filled with secular faith in what they read and hear. Fearing even the exposure of others to multiple sides of an issue, they pass laws and rules and make vocal and administrative pressures come to bear to restrict even the educational acknowledgement that a seriously defensible spiritual side to the issue exists! Why? Because evolution implies survival of the fittest (which, itself, implies in their minds no need at all of morality; but what if "fittest" means "smartest", "most efficient", "most adaptative"?). Doubtful? Check out this very revealing VIDEO interview of students and professors and see how faith-filled they are in science. Especially be sure to watch the reaction to the interviewer's question on saving your dog or another human...both drowning and you can only save one! Finally, well into the era of molecular biology and RNA and DNA, I would add that these incredibly important & complex nucleic acid molecules are only known to spontaneously (by genetic or epigenetic means) DEGRADE and never to spontaneously add on improvements. So, DNA and RNA define what the Bible means when it speaks of "kinds" of living things.

Creationists: In the other direction, either or through ignorance, doubtfulness, or fear of scientific facts and factors, many religious persons stand strictly on standard "biblical" explanations or inferences while denying a serious look at scientific facts. I believe that God is honored by the struggle toward a spiritual faithfulness required for a person to combine the scientific realities of this world and the spiritual revelations of The Word and get at THE TRUTH. Science may attempt to explain "how" God did it; the Bible sheds light on "why". Whatever happened & whenever it happened, God did it as Creator!

QUESTION: How much longer will you personally stand by and allow yourself, your significant others, children, grandchildren, kinfolk & friends be denied access to the TRUTH of "creation"? Personally, as a scientific person (a medical doctor...pathologist), I promise you that molecular biologists by the 1000s KNOW that the "theory of evolution" cannot stand on its own.

Though the Darwinian evolutionists decry the interest in "intelligent design" as beneath their contempt, note this 2007 essay by Chuck Colson. 

Unfortunately, most of those comprehensively-thinking molecular biologists quietly just presume that there is simply some vague "higher intelligence power"...even they fear really thinking about God! Why? Because, if God is real, then His commands against sinful behavior are real (because sinful behavior hobbles...even wrecks..."right relationships")!

Satan's influence on people toward them closing their ears & minds to the TRUTH of...& under...God is powerful. But you and yours need NOT be subjects of self-inflicted victimization. See for yourself...below are some resources. And I suggest that the books will amaze your eyes open!

Prejudice: Ever since the Scopes "monkey trial" travesty in Dayton, Tennesee in 1925 and the subsequent movie, "Inherit the Wind", there has been a strongly prejudicial cultural undertone that belief in evolution marks a person as educated, sophisticated, and intellectual. That is, the appeal to standing for evolution is an appeal to PRIDE...the master sin. Unless it might actually lead away from erroneous belief, what could possibly be harmful about children being exposed to explanations of origins of life that are other than Darwinian evolution (which, as explained earlier, makes no mathematical sense)?

Finally: In the end, however mankind originated, the most important issue of belief has to do with Who had to do with the origin of man rather than the details of how He did it! Evolution, Creationism, or Intelligent Design...or whatever: God did it!



  • Affordable & outstanding 237 page pictorial & brief-text book by a science-degreed museum curator & administrator who then attended Bible college for 3 years & became a Bible teacher & then church pastor. He started the Mysteries of Creation series in 1984. As of November 2004, you can buy his book, Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation (by Dennis R. Petersen), for about $23.
  • Books by highly educated law professor Phillip Johnson [check this write up]
  • my top recommendation is The Language of God by world-class genetic scientist & DNA expert Francis S. Collins, published 2006, 294 pages of exceptionally written exposition of the debate: The Language of God.
  • Videos: Excellent animation demonstrates molecular motors; and there is excellent, compelling discussion of "intelligent design". "Unlocking The Mystery of Life", trailer by Illustra Media & a whole series on You Tube, "The Mystery of Life".
  • Video: 5 Feb. 2014 very good, almost two hour monitored debate on CNN between Bill Nye (The Science Guy) and Ken Ham, CEO of Answers in Genesis, HERE.

Some creationist websites:

IMPORTANT: As of November 2004, some courageous souls (actions in 13 states in 2004 alone) are trying to simply force school districts to make it clear...requiring that the schools teach clear thinking...that books carry a notice that "evolution" is only a theory and not FACT (facts are things pretty much accepted by ALL, and the theory of gravity is one such theory).

Since there is so much fire & contentious debate about creation, then at least the major sides should have a hearing without disparagement. Somehow, schools need to disclaim that Darwinian "evolution" is a fact needing no further discussion. And, you should be aware that many who are against offering other explanations than "evolution" hide behind: "I want a science class to teach science; teach religion in social studies or comparative religions classes". Their definition of science is constricted...under what is known as "methodological naturalism" all things scientific, provided that there is no consideration of any 'intelligence' behind nature. Besides, note what Gandhi's list of sins (and virtues) says or cautions about "science".

ANYHOW, if a major segment of the population believes in an alternative view, what do the anti-God folks have to fear!?

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