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MaMa's Cinnamon-Sugar Toast Snack

Ervin's mother, MaMa (Mildred Brown Shaw), made these usually for a single sitting snack (we never stored any up). When Momma and Daddy were stationed at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey in WWII, they discovered this snack at a coffee shop there ("The Hot Shop" on Connecticut Ave., Washington, D. C.). Growing up in the 1940s-60s in Sumter, S. C., we LOVED this snack!!! "Momma, PLEASE fix us some cinnamon toast!"

ingredients: Use any type of (1) sliced bread (we have even used tortilla sheets); (2) butter or margarine (or possibly even olive or other oil); (3) any type of sugar that you prefer; and any brand of cinnamon powder that you prefer.


  • light to medium toast of both sides of each bread slice.
  • place thinner or thicker slices of butter, 4 pats/slices per bread slice (or smear butter on the slice)
  • mix sugar and cinnamon powder with enough cinnamon to make cinnamon-sugar mix light brown.
  • by your preference, cover the toast and butter with a light or heavy amount of the cinnamon sugar.

into toaster oven or conventional oven on broil:

  • watch the additional oven/toaster heating until the surface cinnamon-sugar mix almost starts to bubble.
  • remove the toast and cool a couple of minutes.
  • the "snack" can be as full pieces of toast or of toast slices cut into strips with a pizza slicer wheel.

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Check Google Images for what cinnamon toast looks like!

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(posted 12 June 2014)