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Aunt Zoe's Sugar Butter Bread Snack

Ervin's mother, MaMa (Mildred Brown Shaw), made these...and then allowed her son and daughter to make a summertime afternoon snack because the summer days were so long. Growing up in the 1940s-60s in Sumter, S. C., we LOVED this snack!!! "Momma, PLEASE fix us a sugar-butter bread!"

ingredients: (1) White sliced bread; (2) butter or margarine; (3) and any type of granulated sugar that you prefer (we used white sugar).


  • We used untoasted bread (but light to medium toasting of each bread slice would work).

  • Place thinner or thicker slices of butter on a slice situated flat on the counter (or, rarely, on a plate), 4 pats/slices on one bread slice toward each corner (or, could smear butter) Then, spoon the sugar in between the butter slices as thickly as you like. Put the other slice gently down on top and press it mildly onto the underneath butter.

  • Now, if the weather outside is not wet, the trick is to get the concoction up off of the counter & transport to outdoors without a single grain of sugar getting onto the floor (Momma was amazing at detecting spilt sugar grains on the floor...a punishable offense). Woe be to us if it were raining outside. This meant making and eating the snack sandwich inside the the kitchen...without spilling sugar. This took the skill [a] to place oth hands at one side and at the other side simulta=neously and slipping the little fingers under each far edge and the thumbs under edch near edge corner and [b] to very carefully lift the treat up and [c] to situate one's lower lip underneath the near edge and upper lip over the upper edge as one [d] decisively bites into the sandwich without tearing or biting the bite too. [e] At that point, it was important to start orally vacuuming loosened sugar into the mouth as you slowly drew the bite away to chew it while keeping the hands so carefully in place. This process was repeated until the snack was entirely consumed.

  • Accidents were common and a quick clean-up job performed before the transgression could be detected by Momma. All of this seemed to add to the mysterious attractiveness of this snack!!!

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(posted 19 October 2015; update 25 Jan. 2018)