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First Responders & Helpers

As US citizens, we should be forever grateful & indebted to the following which/who helped us to a better, safer life!

  • A US Government of the Covenantal Representative form of Democracy (of equal opportunity under the law), HERE where we practice a multi-ethnic society & not multiculturalism (the difference HERE) so that "The West" is the ONLY culture to eliminate slavery, HERE.
  • So many growing up in a CULTURE of faith in God (In my growing up, I did not know anyone who was not a church or synagogue attendee and/or member).
  • So many growing up in a Faith-filled, INTACT family.
  • Character builder role models (such as Cub scout or brownie scout den mothers, athletic coaches, elders in Ju Jitsu-type groups, etc., leaders & older members of boys clubs & girls clubs, etc.).
  • Though a "fallen humanity", the human tendency toward honesty (see THIS 14-minute TED Talk).
  • So many citizens who are able to live by a calling in their lives (that is, their work lives are viewed beyond just being a job).
  • The US Military.
  • Honest federal, state, & local law enforcement.
  • Fire-fighters.
  • EMS workers.
  • Electrical Power workers.
  • Emergency medical providers & hospitals.
  • Charitable Disaster Relief Organizations, secular (such as American Red Cross).
  • Charitable Disaster Relief Organizations, Christian (such as Samaritan's Purse, Salvation Army, Lutheran Disaster Response, etc.).
  • Charitable Hospitals (such as St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and Shriner's Hospital For Children). These help in times of personal & family/friend disastors.
  • Honest investigative journalists (about 100 are killed per year, worldwide).
  • Massive numbers of local American citizens...the "helping spirit" in America (such as the "Cajun Navy" in the Sept. 2017 Hurricane Harvey Gulf Coast disaster).
  • Federal (such as FEMA & the Coast Guard) & other state (such as National Guard) agencies working against natural disasters. PLUS, the Coast Guard works to catch disastrous illegal, life-ruining addictive drug smuggling, having BUSTED (Sept. 2017) a single 50,000 pound load of cocaine worth $680 MILLION dollars, (HERE).
  • Lastly but MOST importantly, we ALL have the possibilities that (1) someone will lead us to Jesus Christ for the first time or (2) someone or something...even a Hound of Heaven event...will bring us to or back to Jesus where we can become "fully saved" for all of eternity!

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(posted 18 September 2017; update 2 October 2017)