The Truth... What is it?

Is There A God?

  • What about church and religion?
  • Lives changed: case stories/testimonies & HERE.
  • Some other sources of enlightenment...[pending]
  • I can't believe in a God who lets bad things happen to good or innocent people!...(Christine Suhan article on website, HERE.
  • It makes me sick that Christians say that Jesus is the only way to salvation!...[pending]
  • I need a mind transplant! I'm a believer; but even in prayer, I sometimes have bad thoughts!...[pending]
  • I'm pretty (talented vs. wealthy vs. compassionate vs. energetic vs. etc.), and I know that God could use my help...where best to pitch in?...[pending]
  • If I could only change certain things in my life, I could have a great life!...[pending]
  • I'm in love, love, LOVE and nothing else is important!...[pending]
  • I want fun now, and I'll think about heaven and hell later....Even if I die, surely God will give me a second chance and cut me some slack!...[pending]
  • I'm OK about God, but I don't need church...they aren't friendly and are fake and hypocrites and just as bad as me....[pending].

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(2 Sept 1998)