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 Miscellaneous Medical Topics


Here are some other topics:

  1. As you go through health scares and want to keep friends & family updated, register with
    Caring Bridge.

  2. If you end up home bound with an illness or otherwise with a long-term illness, check out PatientsLikeMe.
  3. "Point-of-Service Pathology": [what it is].........[national network: began in S. C.].
  4. An online Biology guide by Kimball [here].
  5. About genetics and genetic diseases [here].
  6. Inherited Disease: Check this site to use their tool to gather family history in the event you need genetic disease risk counseling in the future HERE.
  7. Overweight problems:
    see Lexington Medical Center's outstanding bariatric surgery program. On-line calculator whether overweight (BMI) and some causes of tiredness in adults over the age of internal medicine site for adults (HERE). Our pathology file on fatigue, (HERE.

  8. Harvard online cancer (& some other diseases) risk calculations [***here***]; MSKCC on-line prediction tools [here].
  9. Bones and Aging: Osteoporosis, the most common metabolic disease of mankind. The National Osteoporosis Foundation web site.
  10. Periodontal gum disease: the common, preventable condition leading to loss of teeth...what you can do to keep your teeth!
  11. About cataract surgery and other eye disorders and treatments: under the leadership of James P. Gills, M.D., a Christian and author of the instructive novel, The Unseen Essential..., about how to live the fulfilling Christian life. About New Treatments for Eye Disorders.
  12. Intestinal Problems: Chronic Diarrhea....Blood in the stool....Over-age-50 colonoscopy.
  13. About blood iron levels: overview and links.
  14. the concept of False positive and False negative test results.
  15. Martha's miracle cure of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
  16. ***Our medical group's web site***: about lab test information (often linking to tables of causes of abnormal results), pathology-medical topics, personal medical finances, fighting billing & insurance problems, finding the right medical care, and tissue/organ donations.

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[posted 30 July  2012]