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For patients in central South Carolina, closeness and convenience of these services is an important consideration: time-wise, the following services are most quickly obtained (with respect to services in a hospital) at Lexington Medical Center (LMC) than at any other hospital. For any patients who might fly in, that hospital is by far nearest to the airport and with many motels very close by (Zip code 29169-4810).

Pathology second-opinion services:
[if you'd like our opinion, contact us and provide your contact info as well as contact info for the lab which processed your biopsies]

Lexington Medical Center
Dept. Surgical Pathology
2720 Sunset Blvd.
West Columbia, S. C. 29169
803-791-2410 or -2400
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DANGER: It is ALWAYS to your advantage to have cancer screening and diagnoses take place in your community where the doctors involved are credentialled and continually under ongoing review for quality of their performance. When (1) Radiology imaging screening and diagnostic services and (2) Pathology and Laboratory Medicine services are performed OUTSIDE of this tightly quality reviewed situation, you are in increased danger of (1) missed diagnoses (false negative) and/or (2) inaccurate diagnoses (false positive). Were this not true, national quality monitor organizations would not require hospitals to perform such review functions.

[below, some of our such doctors: see their info and photos here, in LMC web site (see Find a Doctor)]




BREAST PROGRAM (@ Lex. Med. Ctr.):

One of the most frightening things in a woman's life is when they suspect an abnormality in a breast and immediately worry about their risk of breast cancer. Make one call to 803-791-2521 or 800-635-0858 and leave your message and your return-the-phone-call contact numbers for program director, Kelly Jeffcoat, R.N.; and get a result in 5 days or less thru her arrangements with the doctors, below (superficial FNA section).



Radiologist performed @ LMC (their old web site; on LMC website); no inpatient stays; almost-pain-free; first procedure attempt gets a specific, accurate diagnosis 99.99% of cases because (1) we routinely & aggressively obtain your illness  details from your referring doctor and (2) we obtain a tube of your blood for any decisive testing needed to help speed to the correct diagnosis.

Lexington Medical Center,

Schedule procedure:
I-26 @ SC #378, West Columbia, S.C.



( palpable breast, neck, axillary, skin, etc.).

In addition to accuracy, our lab puts a very high premium on rapid...often same day...diagnosis.

a. Surgeon-performed:

Lexington Surgical Associates,
patient referral:
Charles "Will" Harmon, M.D.; Richard Felton, M.D. @ Lexington office
Paul Smith, M.D.; Myron Barwick, M.D.; Lynn Tucker, M. D., etc. @ West Columbia office
I-20 @ SC #6, 723 South Lake Drive, Lexington, S.C. (with office hours in LMC-Irmo and in the West Columbia office building attached to Lexington Medical Center hospital building) and at LMC Lexington on #1 & #378, Lexington, S. C..

Southern Surgical Group, L.L.C.
patient referral:
 Bill Moore, M.D.; Terry Norton, M.D.; Ron Myatich, M.D.; and Jeff Libbey, M.D., etc.;
I-26 @ SC #378, 110 East Medical Lane Suite 230, West Columbia, S.C. (and with some office hours in Northeast Columbia).

Riverside Surgical Group, patient referral 803-791-2828 Jim Givens, M.D.; Chip Strickland, M.D.; Marc Antonetti, M. D.; Gray Hughes, M. D., etc.;  2728 Sunset Blvd suite 308 (adjoining Lex. Med. Ctr.), West Columbia, S. C.

St. Andrews Surgical Associates, P.C.:
patient referral:
Fred Clemenz, M. D. (retired from office practice summer of 2001)
803-732-2600, Irmo, SC.

b. Pathologist-performed FNA's:

Pathology Associates of Lexington, P.A.
procedure could be scheduled [though capable, we never get asked to do breast cases]:
Beverly Daniel, M.D. ; John Carter, M.D. ; Jayne Moffatt, M.D. ; Ranleigh Fleshman, M. D.; T. Paul Seybt, M.D., etc.
I-26 @ SC #378 (Lexington Medical Center) West Columbia, S.C.

c. Radiologist-performed:

Lexington Radiology Associates, P. A. (see doctors, below).




Since the beginning about 1990, we consistently have had a 90 to 95% incidence of accurate diagnosis on the first attempt; radiologist performed (Lexington Radiology Associates, P. A.), pathologist and/or cytotech assistance; preliminary diagnosis to radiologist usually within an hour. Our success rate is related to our being "at the ready" at all times with no real attempt to schedule with radiology AND having the active, in-the-procedure-room, involvement of experienced pathologists with either cytotechnologists or cytoprep techs. Such helps to assure smoothness and lack of frustration to the procedure and on-the-spot, non-microscopic reckoning of the adequacy of the specimen.

Lexington Medical Center

schedule procedure:

I-26 @ SC #378, 2720 Sunset Blvd., West Columbia, S.C.




From between 1991-2004, our group provided this pathology interpretation service to all area Columbia urology groups (but currently only to Dr. Morrow & the radiologists @ LMC) as a system of maximally oriented prostate biopsies which can be precisely subsequently coordinated with endorectal-coil MRI or MRS staging. All study and most treatment methods also are available at Lexington Medical Center. This highly oriented, highly correlated process is thought to be unique in the USA and helps to maximize staging accuracy for an accurate choice of treatment modalities, if needed. Every effort is made to get the diagnosis to the urologist's office the next weekday after we receive the biopsies.

And, we are available for second-opinion services on your biopsies diagnosed at other labs or even in our lab. If the second opinion is to come from the rest of our group on a case diagnosed in our lab, there will be no additional charge. We do make a charge for our opinion on biopsies originally diagnosed elsewhere. It will help immensely if you can precisely inform us of the dilemma that gives rise to the desire for other opinions. Call the above (top of this page) LMC phone number and/or have the slides sent to that above address.

a. Columbia Urology Associates, P.A.,

Anymore, we almost never get their specimens.

b. L. U. A., P.A.
Though in our direct neighborhood, we seldom get any biopsies from them; they merged in late 2011 with a N. C. group and are focused in that economic axis.

c. Richard C. Morrow, M.D.
On main campus of Lexington Medical Center
2728 Sunset Blvd.
West Columbia, S. C.

d. C. U. P.
Though in our direct neighborhood, we seldom get any biopsies from them; they merged in summer of 2011 with a N. C. group and are focused in that economic axis.

e. Lexington Radiology: (Drs. John Haynes & Ed Pia, etc.)
These two radiologists & others perform these for an occasional primary care doc and a urologist. As with all who biopsy the prostate, it is done through a wand through the rectum. Now that biopsy protocols indicate 10-12 separate biopsies at one sitting, the radiologists began injecting a pain-numbing prostate nerve block just prior to biopsies. Most biopsying docs have the patient start antibiotics the day before biopsies (Dr. gives prescription for Floxin 400mg twice per day for 4-5 days or Cipro 250-500 mg twice per day for 4-5 days). One hour before the procedure, the patient cleans out the rectum with such as a Fleets phospho enema (you can buy without prescription).

Schedule procedure:
803-791-2461@ Lexington Medical Center
I-26 @ SC #378, West Columbia, S.C.



A cooperative relationship geared toward punctual scheduling of procedures and rapid and accurate interpretation and reporting of any biopsies, in a very close clinico-pathologic relationship.

a. Consultants in Gastroenterology, with South Carolina Endoscopy.

patient referral:
V. W. "Vasa" Cate, M.D. (retired); Richard M. "Rick" Lawson, M.D. (retired 2011); S. G. "Gabe" Saleeby, M.D. ; M. E. "March" Seabrook, M.D. ; E. J. "Eric" Heinzelmann, M.D.; J. W. "John" Schaberg, M. D.; E. W. "Gene" Stuart, M. D.; Rajeev "Raj" Vasudeva, M. D.; Dr. Jim Richter; etc.

I-26 @ SC # 378, 131 Summerplace Road, West Columbia, S.C. [located off of #378, barely west of Lexington Medical Center; and the building also contains the procedure center, South Carolina Endoscopy Center, 803-74-4585] (with office hours also in Irmo [7035 St. Andrews Rd., 29212] and near Richland Mem. Hosp. [9 Medical Park, 29203] and at Moncrief Army Hospital, Fort Jackson, 751-2404); with procedures sometimes at Lexington Medical Center-Lexington in Lexington, S. C.; and often on inpatient consults in Lexington Medical Center, West Columbia, S. C..

b. Midlands Endoscopy.

Balbir S. Minhas, M. D., Anil J. Kudchadkar, M.D., etc. Procedures at Midlands Endoscopy Center at 1 Wellness Blvd suite 10, Irmo, S. C. (803-732-8632); often at Lexington Medical Center-Lexington in Lexington, S. C.; and on inpatient consults in Lexington Medical Center, West Columbia, S. C.



They say you have an abnormal chest X-ray? Our pathology group has a very high batting average of rendering an accurate biopsy/cytology diagnosis on the first evaluation session working with patients independently scheduled through the pulmonologist or initially scheduled through another type of doctor. Lexington Medical Center also has a patient-requested Lung Cancer Screening program. Same or next-day diagnosis.

Lexington Medical Center,

patient referral:
I-26 @ SC #378, West Columbia




We participate in a position of coordinating skin pathology reports especially mapped in such a way as to collaborate with plastic surgery dermatologists and other surgeons to conserve uninvolved skin of the face and head by way of maximally oriented resections involving our dermatologists/surgeons expertise, with the pathology information maintained in such a way that very precisely and tightly focused superficial x-ray therapy can be subsequently executed as needed. Superficial therapy is also available as primary treatment.

a.  St. Andrews Dermatology: Dr. Rebecca L. Clemenz (we seldom get her specimens)

patient referral:
803-749-0097 (dermatology)
Irmo, campus of Lexington Medical Center-Irmo, 7039 St. Andrews Road, between Harbison Blvd. and Irmo, S.C.

b. Palmetto Dermatology Jeffrey K. Smith, M. D.; Katherine C. Thompson, M.D.; Vickie S. Roberts, P.A.; Michelle Evans, P. A.; and, others. This practice was created in 1975 by Fred J. McElveen, M.D. (retired 6/2011);
patient referral:
SC # 378 half way between I-26 and I-20 interchanges on the north side of #378.

c. John S. Ravita, M.D., P.A. [currently not available]

patient referral:
1-800-868-7652 (radiation oncology)
803-791-2575 (radiation oncology)
I-26 @ SC # 378 (in Lexington Medical Center)

d. Peter C. Haines, M.D. (we seldom get his specimens)

patient referral:
803-732-5788 (plastic surgery)
7035 St. Andrews Road, Irmo area, S.C.

e. Brett Carlin, M.D. (we seldom get his specimens)

patient referral:
803- (plastic surgery)
West Hospital Dr., West Columbia, S.C. (behind Lexington Med. Center)



Our pathology group is available for review/opinions of bone marrow specimens or blood smears; the clinical doctors are available for all aspects of medical hematology and oncology. Dr. Carter is formerly director of hematology & coagulation at MUSC; Dr. Will Armstrong (retired) is Board certified in Hematopathology and consults a lot for area medical docs on patients with bleeding & clotting problems; and Dr. Kitt McMaster (retired) did a Hematopathology fellowship. We have Drs. Welsh, Seybt, and OLga S. with primary responsibility as of 2016.

a. Pathology Associates of Lexington, P.A. (we are never asked to do the biopsy of marrow specimens anymore

patient referral:
I-26 @ SC #378, in Lex. Med. Center hospital, West Columbia, S. C.

b. J. S. R., M.D., P.A., [currently not available]

c. S.C. Oncology Associates, P.A.,

patient referral:
Drs. Tripp Jones (retired),  Chaudry Mushtaq, Fred Kudrick, Ann Hutcinson, etc.(we seldom get their specimens)
Off of Greystone Blvd. near Riverbanks Zoo...166 Stoneridge Drive
Columbia, S.C. 29210. 803-461-3000.

d. Lexington Oncology: Drs. Steve Madden, Asheesh Lal,"VJ" Korrapatti, Jim Wells, and Chelsea Stillwell, etc. 2728 Sunset Blvd (Lex. Med. Ctr.), West Columbia, S. C. 803-794-7511.




We feel that doctors can best advise females about pap smear and cervix abnormalities when the same lab carefully correlates smear and biopsy diagnoses, as is done in our laboratory. We provide these quality-intensive, not-lowest-cost services for all of the ambulatory care centers and doctors office practices of Lexington Medical Center. Unlike commercial lab providers (who have no such community professional accountability), our quality parameters are regularly reported to and accountable to the Dept. of OB-Gyn of Lexington Medical Center. We process Paps for most of the doctors in Lexington Medical Center's 150+ doctor MSO, as well as from their ERs & CMCs.



We feel that locally performed, coroner-ordered postmortem examinations [forensics info.] are highly effective when readily connected to a more expert source for selected homicide cases; our group is loosely connected to the forensic pathology practice of Joel Sexton, M.D. in Newberry, S.C. We provide services for Lexington Medical Center as well as the Lexington County Coroner's Office. There is no charge for hospital autopsies ordered on Lexington Medical Center patients; cost of Coroner's cases is paid by the county.

Private autopsies may be desired by the next of kin in order to evaluate the deceased's condition for family-interest reasons. Or they may be performed because of the family's belief that medical, product, or employer liability occurred. Where legal issues are the reason, it is highly advisable that the next of kin immediately contact the appropriate lawyer (your personal lawyer can help you) and thereby help to assure that the pathologist doing the autopsy is able to confidently address the legal issue. We are seldom, if ever, able to contract to do "private autopsies" and have always suggested that the inquiring person contact Drs. in Newberry (Dr. Joel Sexton's old group) or Dr. Clay Nichols in Columbia.



We are extremely interested that our fees be "reasonable", and we make every effort to insure such. However, it is illegal for us to compare our fees to those of any "competitor"; therefore, we have no idea how our fee "compares". What we charge and what we are paid, on average, as with the clinical doctors, is vastly different. We are always willing to take into consideration special patient circumstances. [see more billing info here] We go to extraordinary efforts to file "clean claims" to third party payers on behalf of patients, by way of our own personnel and a professional pathology-specific medical billing service whose branch office is in Greenwood, S.C. and/or Charlotte, N. C., and maybe Charleston, S. C., in the hopes that third party payers will pay what they should with the least amount of hassle for the patient or his/her family. But the info passed on to us is often lacking significant items....especially often missing is the name of the person on the insurance policy...the "responsible party" (policy owner). For example, to properly file a "clean claim" on a Pap smear, we must know the husband or father's name, because wives and daughters are so often covered on their husband's or father's insurance policies. And we often have to know the employer of the policy owner because the insurance company processes claims according to the name of the company employer whose benefits program is "riding" on the insurance company's "network". Without full filing information, insurance companies may reject our filed claim. Then we have no choice but to bill you for the total, potentially tying up a lot of your time and causing undue frustration. If you have a chance to do so, it is very helpful for us to have a copy of the insurance card. Upon receiving your bill or notice, please promptly call toll free with the above info 877-268-1012.

[our group's web site...with billing & insurance tips]

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(posted May 1998; latest PAL phone # adjustment 12 September 2016)