Another Special Life in Christ:
These testimony lives are not stories of "role models". Jesus is the role model! These are lives wonderfully touched & changed by Jesus!

Kirsten A. Powers:

Her Life Before Jesus Came In:

Born in 1969, Kirsten Powers is a contributor to USA Today and a columnist for Newsweek/The Daily Beast. She formerly served in the administration of Bill Clinton, and now she is a Democrat commentator at Fox News.

 Her Life Since Jesus Came In:

"I remember walking into the Bible study. I had a knot in my stomach. In my mind, only weirdoes and zealots went to Bible studies. I donít remember what was said that day. All I know is that when I left, everything had changed. Iíll never forget standing outside that apartment on the Upper East Side and saying to myself, ďItís true. Itís completely true.Ē The world looked entirely different, like a veil had been lifted off it. I had not an iota of doubt. I was filled with indescribable joy.

Powers, who grew up in the Episcopal Church, became an evangelical about 9 years ago [2006] after attending Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York. Listening to Tim Keller preach opened the door for her to believe in God. “I came to realize that even if Christianity wasn't the real thing, neither was atheism,” she wrote in a 2013 testimony for CT. “I began to read the Bible. My boyfriend would pray with me for God to reveal himself to me.”

The horror of the prospect of being a devout Christian crept back in almost immediately. I spent the next few months doing my best to wrestle away from God. It was pointless. Everywhere I turned, there he was. Slowly there was less fear and more joy. The Hound of Heaven had pursued me and caught meówhether I liked it or not." ...then, later in the article...

"Then one night in 2006, on a trip to Taiwan, I woke up in what felt like a strange cross between a dream and reality. Jesus came to me and said, 'Here I am.' It felt so real. I didn't know what to make of it. I called my boyfriend, but before I had time to tell him about it, he told me he had been praying the night before and felt we were supposed to break up. So we did. Honestly, while I was upset, I was more traumatized by Jesus visiting me."

A definitive testimony was published in the November 2013 issue of Christianity Today, HERE. For more information, use an on-line search engine for his/her name and secondary search word, testimony.


Hound of Heaven: In some cases, salvation is forced onto someone. I call these instances "Hound of Heaven" rescues. [Wikipedia note, HERE.] In addition to former Hells Angels biker, Barry Mayson, I consider the following as sometimes even more dramatic rescues: famous originally bad-ass heavyweight boxer, George Foreman; famous Gospel blue grass artist, Lily Fishman Isaacs; famous news commentator, Kirsten Powers; former bad-ass, rough-man bully, Kirk Martin; and, former druggie captured by murderer, Ashley Smith.

COMMENT: During the past 4 years (2009-2013), my pastor has focused on (1) Jesus' clarification of the earthly component of the Gospel as being all about right relationships ("righteousness"). And (2) he has amply demonstrated how the ancient mind, able only to understand through the "mindset" of suzerain thinking, has failed to lay down a record that rightly reflects His emphasis of the primary love and grace of God, our Father, for all (not His condemnation and punishment).

You have just read a very brief example of the powerful, supernatural transformation of a person's life which is possible through the acceptance of Jesus as your savior. Are you tired of life as it now is for you? He will accept you just as you are right this second! Consider accepting Jesus  now [check it out]!


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