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Dr. West, could you check a dead baby?

Peggy Michelle Sanders:

Dr. Ed H. West, a class of 1966 Citadel graduate & MUSC 1970 graduate, was a new, young pediatrician who was one of only 3 in the Charleston area who had had (recently) specific up-to-date training in neonatal resuscitation training. In those days, there was no system to transfer a neonate from one facility to another.

Ed and I are Citadel classmates & were medical school roommates during the first six months of our freshman year. We and a small group of Citadel classmates were togther at The Noisey Oyster on East Bay Street in Charleston, S. C. Both Ed & I being now retired, we were reflecting on the incredible medical progress that we have both seen in the field of medicine (I in Pathology & Ed in Pediatrics). "Ervin, did you see the newspaper article written about me years ago?" "No, Ed; I did not."

Ed then told of having run by Roper Hospital in Charleston prior to office hours to see a mother-baby before discharge (as the baby would become his patient). This was in 1976. Realizing that Dr. West had come onto the newborn unit, a nurse came to Dr. West and said, "Dr. West, we had a premture birth born which just now died. Could you come check it?"

He quickly went to the baby and started neonatal resuscitation. On getting positive results, Dr. West put the baby on a simple cart and headed out of Roper Hospital on his own through the parking lot...keeping at his neonatal resuscitation efforts as he hustled the baby over to MUSC a block and a half away and took the elevators to the new MUSC neonatal ICU.

The baby was saved. Many years later, Dr. West would be working with a nurse at Summerville Medical Center east of Charleston in Summerville, S. C. She had asked Dr. West to come check a baby born prematurely. The now-very-modern neonatal resuscitation worked quickly and the baby was saved. Dr. West began to tell the attending nurse of the above event many years prior where the saved life was miraculous but where neonatal resuscitation was now very routinely successful & not seemingly miraculous. In short, this nurse turned out to be Peggy Michelle Sanders Fulton, the grown and married "miracle baby" Ed had saved! Her mother...Mrs. Sanders...had also become a nurse. The published story with more detail is HERE and HERE. Check out tiny baby survivors, HERE.

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(posted 27 October 2017)


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